5 Reasons Drawing is a Great Hobby


Drawing is more than just doodling on paper. It’s a form of visual thinking, a way to express emotions and a healthy way to occupy your mind. Take a look at 5 of the main benefits to drawing, and why it makes for one of the best hobbies. 1) It offers an outlet for creativity Drawing allows you to … [continue reading]

How to Nab Kids Designer Clothing For Less

kids designer clothing

The debate on whether buying expensive kids designer clothing is a good or bad idea has been going on for ages. At first glance, some parents impulsively react that of course, it’s a total waste of money! But some parents argue that it really depends on some important factors like age of the child or […]

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6 Places You Can Find Cheap Wedding Party Supplies


Wedding decors and party favors are not easy to find. In fact, some wedding planners contract different handcrafters and custom shops to build the decor and setting a considerable budget for them and the flowers for the wedding and reception. However, finding cheap wedding party supplies need not be too difficult. In fact, you can […]

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How to Get Organized Before Moving Out of the Country


Anywhere between 2 and 6 million Americans live as expats abroad at any time during the year. While making a move from Seattle to Vancouver will make you have to learn how identify Canadian bills, moving to Thailand, Argentina, or South Africa will bring much more significant changes to how you live. From new foods […]

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Ten Must-have Accessories for the Ultimate Hen Party

party theme 1

It ain’t a hen party if it doesn’t involve some naughty games. If there is one thing almost as exciting as your wedding day, that would be a hen party.  You can’t deny how eagerly your pals would be waiting for a fun ladies night filled with quirky things!   The best hen party will […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Best Vacuums


Every little task in a household doesn’t require a full-sized and a high- power vacuum cleaner. Although it is good for cleaning up the house in general but tricky areas such as in between the couch cushions, a mess in the kitchen, etc. require something portable and more concentrated. Since there is a wide variety […]

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Fashion Essentials for Girls to Stay Warm and Stylish On Your Winter Trips

winter fashion

Packing for winter travel can be tricky. While you can’t resist going out in the snow doing all those fun activities like skiing, snow drifting or simply tossing snowballs, staying warm and toasty amid all that chill requires a good deal of fluff around your body. And let’s face it, as sweet as winter travel […]

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Why Gifting Plants Is A Better Choice?

bonsai plants

Whenever we have to give presents to our loved ones on their birthday or anniversary, we always come up with the idea of buying expensive gifts, personalized items, flowers, chocolates, etc. Or sometimes we get stuck thinking of a useful gift to send to our near and dear ones. If you ever find yourself stuck […]

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How to Pair Traditional Jewelry with Indo-Western Outfits like a Boss!


For Indian women, no outfit is complete without pretty trinkets. They not only have the west for inspiration but also have plenty of choices when it comes to the vintage or traditional jewelry/accessories that are often heirlooms passed down generations! Gone are the days when traditional jewelry was strictly meant for traditional wear such as […]

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What are the different types of Ladders and how to use properly?


What are Ladders? Ladders are the sets of vertical Steps, which are used to reach high places (which are not accessible easily through bare hands). Importance of Ladders Ladders are one of the most important tools in any home. Even if they are the most important tool in any home, these are one of the […]

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10 Powerful Self-Improvement Books to Get Your Life Organized

A self-improvement book can be any book that inspires you to look within yourself and improve your life. For example, Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist has inspired several to examine their own motivations, and it certainly cannot be labeled as a self-help book. How about taking a look at the best self-improvement books ever written – […]

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Tips to Find the Best Fashion Clothes Online

Online shopping

These days, people are more interested to go online for buying their favorite clothes. The reason is because, there has emerged several reputed online sites that have been offering a variety of designer fashion clothes meant for all ages and gender. All the person needs to do is to have a high-speed internet connection and […]

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