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I’m So Happeez

When we moved into our new house we got all new stainless steal appliances.  I love them don't get me wrong, but now I can't display all of my kids great artwork on my refrigerator.  All of the pretty magnets I had, needed to get tossed or are now on the side of the refrigerator.  Yesterday, my order of Happeez products arrived and instantly I was giddy as a school girl.  I opened up my package of … [Read more...]

A Place For Your Receipts

When you are out and about and put all of those receipts in your wallet or purse, what do you do after that?  One of my favorite brands ButtonedUp makes two kinds of Receipt Catchers.  One for the car and one for home.  I admittedly bought one for my husband to keep all our receipts together.  Today I realized I should be using it to empty out my wallet.  If you're like me looking for a place to … [Read more...]

A Box For The Kid’s Artwork

If you have young kids then you know they come home almost daily from school with beautiful works of art.  What do you do with all of it?  What if you want to save it?  Well, my solution is simple: the See Jane Work Art Box.  See Jane Work is a great website that sells all sorts of wonderful home office and organizational products.  They have great simple desk and organizational items, under their … [Read more...]

Leave Yourself a Sticky Note

If you are a person who is always using those yellow sticky pads to leave yourself notes, I have something for you: Galison's Sticky Notes.  These beautifully designed pads have several different sized sticky pads that make leaving yourself a note anywhere in any size so much fun.  Sticky Notes are not like any old sticky pad, they have a great glue backing that makes these notes stick anywhere … [Read more...]

A Wet Bag For Everything

I cloth diaper my daughter and have to have wet bags for her dirty diapers.  Before she was born I ordered from Petunias two of the Icky Bag.  Soon after ordering them I realized that I could use them to organize my bags so wonderfully.  They are waterproof which makes throwing it your bag especially when you have kids a must.  Then recently I had to order the Icky Bag XL to contain her dirty … [Read more...]

Bin There, Use That Room It Up

  Room It Up makes several products that I live by and had to share with you how you can use them too.  First off let's discuss the handbag holder called the Handy Hold All.  This ingenious product hangs in your closet and holds all of your bags and purses perfectly.  Then of course there is the Lap Desk which I use DAILY when on the couch with my laptop.   I've also been known to sit my … [Read more...]

Break Open In An Emergency

What do you do if you have a broken nail when you are out and about?  What do you do if you drop something on your shirt and you need to remove the stain?  Mr.&Mrs. came up with an ingenious products that have solutions for every kind of emergency.  I was given the shemergency Kit as a birthday present and carry it with me whenever we are out for the day .  This silver cosmetic case comes … [Read more...]

Love The Bag Your With

My friend over at Ooph just reviewed a great product I thought you should all know about.  A Love The Planet Grocery Bag Set.  The best part is it comes in it's own cooler bag to keep you organized when out shopping. … [Read more...]

Get ButtonedUp

In my constant quest to get more organized I find companies and people who feed my organizational needs, which is why I started this blog in the first place.  One such place is the company ButtonedUp.  Not only do they make exceptional organizational products, but they also have their own blog.  Just when I thought "wow a company that gets me," they went and outdid even their own products by … [Read more...]

The Lists You Need Before You Travel

Whenever I traveled I could not leave on any kind of trip without making a list of things to do and pack.   Then one day I discovered 2 products that have made my travel listmaking days a thing of the past.  First off is the ButtonedUp pad: TravelPrep.pad, which helps with the pre-trip tasks.  There's even a section which reminds of things to do before you leave your house, like set the security … [Read more...]

RECYCLED: Phone Book Organizer

From time to time I find these projects on other sites that are too precious not to share with everyone.  This pencil holder, on Chica and Jo, is phenomenal and more importantly uses the all important recycling method.  How great is it to use those much detested phone books for something other then standing or sitting on?  I hope this helps someone get desk organized while getting rid of a phone … [Read more...]

A Car Organizer For The Toys & More

My friend Marie was asking me yesterday about an organizer for the car she can put between her daughters for their various toys.  I told her about this Portable Toy Box I bought from MadBags [on Etsy] several years ago that we still love.  It then dawned on me that I needed to share this great product with the world.  This great container in our car holds: toys, books, toy cars and more.  The … [Read more...]

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