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A Hot Iron Sleeve

Everyday when I walk out my I run through my mind whether I turned off the lights and the flat iron for my hair.  The funny thing is I so rarely use the iron, but I'm always going through my mind did I use it?  I bought the Hot Iron Mitt from Figg Boutique which makes traveling with a hot iron great, but is also great for in your house.  I keep my hot iron in its sleeve all of the time.  I also … [Read more...]

For Diaper Duty

When my baby was born 7.5 months ago I knew I needed to streamline the diaper changing process.  We needed to be able to change a diaper anywhere in the house.  I found the JJ Cole Diaper and Wipes Caddy.  This little box holds everything I need for a diaper change, plus a handle to easily carry it anywhere.  The best part was when I had helpers coming in when I first had baby A I could just fill … [Read more...]

Stop Searching For Your Important Documents

I have 3 kids in 3 different places this year.  My oldest started kindergarten and my middle is in preschool.  I have to juggle parent handbooks, important flyers and class rosters.  Did I mention we also have soccer going on too?  I keep all of the mass amounts of paperwork in the momAgenda Kitchen Folio.  This ingenious product has clear plastic sleeves for you to store all of the documentation … [Read more...]

Help Finding Your Keys

Over a year ago I bought this wristlet keychain from Jimmy Pickles on Etsy.  I never imagined at the time what a lifesaver this little keychain would be.  In its fun and fashionable way I can always find my keys in my purse or diaper bag because the wristlet is so easy to spot.  The other great function of this gadget is that I can slip my keys on my wrist whenever I need both hands.  Think of … [Read more...]

Inside Your Purse

I have this need to constantly make it easier and easier to find things inside my purse.  When I stumbled upon the Organizer Clutch Wristlet from The Laughing House on Etsy I went nuts.  It took me 2 weeks to decide which fabric to get it in.  Then of course The Laughing House has other items I wanted to order.  I had to have the Camera Case and the Mini Accordian Purse.  Once they all arrived I … [Read more...]

A Stash Of Birthday Cards

Part of being organized for me is always having birthday cards ready for putting with gifts or sending out.  When my kids go to birthday parties for their friends they really enjoy decorating their own cards by Kate at Stubby Pencil Studio.  Color 'n Kids are cards with simple silhouettes meant to be colored in by children.  The cards are made of 100% recycled paper, which is a huge plus for my … [Read more...]

Personalized Pencil Cup

Do you have to take a phone message and can't find a pen?  I have the perfect solution for you: Paper Doll Designs Pencil Cup.  Among the many personalized items Paper Doll Designs sells, they sell a wonderful pen/pencil cup holder that can be personalized.  I love the many different patterns and ways you can make it your own to work with any kind of home or office decor.  So the next time you … [Read more...]

A Bucket For It All

Good Pail to Have is a tin pail that has been decorated to be used anywhere around your house or office.  These are beautiful fabric wrapped buckets in various sizes.  I have one in my office, and it holds all of the loose pads of paper.  I have one in my home that holds all of my essential oils.  You could even use them as planters.  Another great use is get the smaller sized ones to put party … [Read more...]

A File Tote For Kid’s Paperwork

After my 2nd child was born I realized that I needed to have a place to file the really important documents for each one of my children.  I found Galison had these really great file totes.  They come in great patterns, and they even have file folders that match.  I use it for the medical records, birth certificates, school information and other important child related documents.  I have one tote … [Read more...]

Keeping Lunch Together

With school starting I had to share one of my favorite lunch packing products: the Snack Taxi.  This great bag which closes with velcro has a liner that doesn't allow for staining, and is meant to hold food.  This bag is a GREAT replacement for ziploc bags and most importantly cuts down on waste.  They come in cute patterns and are super easy to wash.  Snack Taxi can be thrown in the top rack of … [Read more...]

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