Archives for October 2009

A Car Must Have

When I got my new car I was afraid to buy the ButtonedUp Collison Kit, because I was afraid I was tempting fate.  This kit has all of the necessary items you would need in a collison including a disposable camera.  It has a couple of pre-printed cards with a pen.  The pre-printed cards have of the information you need to get from everyone involved.  One day a friend told me how her husband was in … [Read more...]

A New Way To Use a Rubber Band

I admit that Martha Stewart is one of my gurus.  From time-to-time I peruse the Martha Stewart website for fun crafts I can make.  I was looking for a bulletin board I made a long time ago and could not find it, but then I found this Rubber-Band Bulletin Board that I would love to make.  I thought I'd share with you this great idea for displaying your photos. … [Read more...]

A Pocket For Your Wall

When I put my desk in the corner and put some shelves up I realized I wanted something right there that I could hang invitiations and notes on.  However, I didn't want to tape them to the shelf, and the space was not big enough for a bulletin board.  I found the Pocket Strip Wall Organizer.  This great and compact wall hanging not only lets me put notes and invitations up on my wall with a magnet, … [Read more...]

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