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Gift Labels By You

If you wrap presents during this time of year it can get exhausting doing those To/From tags.  I just discovered  that you could actually have labels personalized for the holidays to make things streamlined and even easier.  I ordered some Hanukkah ones here and love them.  They make a gift look so unique.  These tags come in a variety of sizes.  Not only that but you can pick ones that are … [Read more...]

Wrap it Up

In light of the holiday season coming upon us I thought I'd share an item that helps you organize your wrapping paper rolls and ribbons.  Several years ago while apartment dwelling, I had rolls and rolls of wrapping paper just thrown into a hall cupboard.  It was a mess.  I wandered into one of those organization stores that feels like a mecca to me, and discovered a Gift Wrap Organizer Tube.  I … [Read more...]

Mail Organization That Makes Sense

By now you realize I am a huge fan of ButtonedUp products.  This love affair is not over with my recent new addition to my house - the mail.sorter.  I bought this product because my dining room table and kitchen counter were quickly being cluttered by opened mail, unopened mail, art projects from school, homework folder, school newsletters and the list goes on and on.  I was so sick and tired of … [Read more...]

Blogs All In One Place

For all of you who read a ton of blogs I have a way to organize them all: Google Reader.  Set up an account if you don't already have one.  Click on 'add a subscription' on the upper left hand side then enter the website address.  Voila you can read all of your blogs in one place.  I cannot tell you how much time it has saved me from having to navigate from one website to the next.  I used to … [Read more...]

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