Day 11: Come Up With 10 Post Ideas

For the next month I will be joining SITS (The Secret Is In The Sauce) in 31 Days To Build a Better Blog (#31DBBB) in conjunction with ProBlogger Each day is a new task to post to help me focus and make this a better blog. I love the idea of improving all of the time, so this task is right up my alley.

Day 11: Come Up With 10 Post Ideas

Reading today’s assignment really hit home to me.  As I have begun to really blog daily, I am constantly petrified of running out of things to write about.  Some days are harder then others.

I decided early on I would jot down a post idea in my note book, so that I wouldn’t forget it when it came time to write.  I thought that was brilliant until I read today’s assignment.

Today’s assignment is to derive 10 ideas from a previous post.  Things that would expand that post.  I’m going to tweek it and say that I’m already doing that with using BlogHer as my main idea.  I have a list of items I will be posting about when it comes to that.  I will post before possibly during and of course after.

When I bought my ticket I decided that I would blog how I organized my packing.   I recently realized that one post would be too loaded with so much information that it wouldn’t work.  I broke it down into different areas.

What I did learn from this assignment is that I should really be thinking bigger picture.  I need to take one idea and use that as an idea for many posts not just one.

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  1. Courtney says:

    I need to do this! New follower from today’s blog hop :)

  2. Trish @ Autism Interrupted says:

    Yes, and then interlink them. :)

    Or even make one post at the end with links to each part of the series – that will really extend the life of the series and make the extra work worth it!

    I’m impressed that you are keeping up with this. I think you will be glad you did it.

  3. I am always trying to come up with new blog posts. As soon as I think of one I write it down, and then magically a few more posts come out of that one idea. It is so helpful to really expand on ideas!

    New follower!

    • I was always writing it down, but expanding those ideas never really came to me until I wanted to post about BlogHer. You are so right though writing it down needs to spawn more ideas so that I can break it down. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. COOL website!! I love all about being organized…so fun! Found you through blog hops..

  5. following you now! follow me back!

  6. I carry a book with me everywhere so I can write ideas down when they pop into my head. Sometimes when I go back, they don’t make sense, but at some point they will! And I keep a notebook by my bed at night, just when I have those late night thoughts as I drift off.
    Now I’m going to have visit some old posts and really expand on them for future posts. Great tip! Thanks for sharing it.
    And I LOVE your follow buttons for facebook and twitter!!!!! They are great, with the hangers. Most enjoyable!
    Found you through SITS.

    • Thank you for all of the compliments you made me blush. Thank you for coming to my site, and I hope you continue to enjoy it.

  7. Mrs.Mayhem says:

    Stopping by from 31dbbb… a few days late. I found this exercise to be very helpful. Like you, I use a notebook rather than the computer. It’s so easy to be distracted on the computer!

  8. Stopping by SITS 31DBBB challenge i posted after you on day 14 :)

    I am really loving the blog challenges as the support i am getting from the ladies over at SITS is amazing!

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