Wednesday DIY Organization

Welcome to the mid-July DIY fun.  The link ups this week are all projects that are simple yet fun.  As a matter of fact part of why I’m sharing them with you is because I wanted to bookmark them to make soon.  I hope you find them as ingenious as I do.

With the post In Honor Of The Napkin written by Karen of Sew Many Ways will give you a glimpse into what a DIY genius she is.  These projects are just so innovative I don’t even know the words to say how blown away I am.  I promise you keep scrolling down through the whole post and you will continue to have to pick your jaw off of the floor.

From to time I come across a project that makes me say to myself “why didn’t I think of that?”  I found the Easy Ziplog Bag Tote on SCJohnson website.  It was written by Cathe of Just Something I Made.  She gives great instructions that are easy to follow.  I also love this project because it takes a very small amount of money to make the tote.

I have stacks and stacks of newspapers.  This is not a confession of my hoarding tendencies, so please don’t stop reading.  I keep them to donate to my kids’ schools for projects etc.  For me that is the best way to recycle the newspapers until I found How to Make Gift Bags From Newspapers by Jessica of How About Orange.  Reading this tutorial has me excited for the next birthday present I have to wrap.

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  1. kimatsprig says:

    Thanks so much for sharing these links. I was completely blown away by both the napkin ideas and the newspaper bag. Wouldn’t have found them without you pointing the way, much appreciated!

  2. Oh My GOSH! Giftbags made from newspaper??? TOO COOL!!! Definitely trying. Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are SUCH great ideas! Thanks so much for another great post.

  4. Those are amazing! I especially love the one made from paint swatches- I am addicted to color so I love picking up swatches but I feel bad throwing them away.

    • I’m just like you. I go to a home improvement store and get those paint swatches, my kids are addicted too. It’s nice to have a project for them instead of the trash. Thanks for visiting.

  5. Ha ha! We must be on a similar schedule since this is the second time I posted in 31DBBB Challenge right after you! Out of ALL THOSE ENTRIES! So funny.

    Anyway, this is awesome for me to see. I never link like this and it’s great. Gives me some good ideas! And, I LOVE the paint chip napkin holder. I have to tell my mom. She’s crazy for setting up her dining room table occasion-appropriate.

    • Liza, we are meant to be together in the 31DBBB, I will now only post when I know you’re posting. LOL!

      I know those paint chip holders are so brilliant that I have got to think of an event to do that.

  6. I want to know how to make a gift bag from newspapers. I love black and white paper with red ribbon for wrapping gifts, this would be an affordable alternative. Great idea!


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