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This writing prompt from The Red Writing Hood is my first response to a prompt.  I have been trying for months to join, but I can’t seem to ever get it done.  I’m jumping for joy that I finally got it in (20 minutes before Friday is over).

This idea I stole after reading this post from The Never-True Tales.  She linked to the writing prompt, and I’ve decided to do it for The Red Writing Hood [on The Red Dress Club] this week. Be as creative with your answers as you want.

I hate to do this to you, I do, but please go to this link for the prompt. It’s filling in words on a template to describe “Where I’m From.” You basically will have to copy the template onto your blog (it’s not hard!) and I also wanted you to read the explainer about it.

I think you guys will enjoy this – I’m excited to try it!

I am from a winter hot wind, from a tuna salad sandwich off an ocean wave and Manishevitz wine holiday.

I am from the mobile home in the sand where you can smell the rain come.

I am from the Calla Lilly petal looking like it is closing on itself,

I am from hora dancing and meddling mothers, from Bubbe and mom and a dysfunctional family.

I am from the over reacting, anxiety ridden, opinionated, and mostly emotionally inept.

From a super short, card carrying feminist loud voiced mother and a Mr. Mom who never failed to pick us up hours after school but has a heart of gold and a cutting humor.

I am from people who pray twice daily.  I’m a Yeshiva taught, faith believing, non practicing Jew.

I’m from Eastern European, gefilte fish and matzoh ball soup slurpers.

From night time sunglass wearing man, who can’t figure out why it’s so dark while driving on a windy mountain road .

I’m from a woman who forgets to duck while getting into the car and bangs her head into the side of the car.

I am from immigrant Jews, noisy food gathering holidays people that have a hard time making good-byes short.

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  1. Well, as you know I can relate to a lot of this! Especially being from the “emotionally inept.” Glad you got a chance to join in this week!

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