Preparation for the Toy Influx

The following is a true story.  This story is being told not to scare you, but to simply warn you.  I hope my experience will only serve to save you from being taken over by toys.

Every year I prepare for this time of year’s toy influx not only because of the holidays but because of E’s birthday.  When I mean preparing I mean that I go through and remove all unplayed with toys and those missing pieces.  I do it on the sly where the removal is painless to the children.

This year I did not do it before the birthday/Hanukkah influx.  I made a huge mistake.  After having E’s birthday party the weekend of Thanksgiving and then Hanukkah starting soon after I was overwhelmed with where to put them all. 

Not only did we have the boys presents and birthday presents, but A is now getting toys.  We need to make room for a 3rd child’s toys.  Overwhelming is an understatement.

On Saturday R and I tried to get the boys to clean the playroom and they absolutely would not do it (that’s a whole other post).  We sent them to their room and decided we would do the cleaning ourselves.  It was too dishelved to let it go.  We took this time to remove toys.

I pulled out my empty Clearly Organized bags (see review) and went to town organizing.  R took the box filled with abandoned toys to his car to take them to E’s preschool.   The boys didn’t even know what was removed and believe me they didn’t even notice.

My advice to all of you do not follow in my footsteps.  Do not wait until you are so inundated with toys that you don’t know where to begin.  Use me as an example of what not to do.

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  1. Love your post. My DIL just switched bedrooms with her two boys because she had the bigger room….but they had the most toys……and since we are in the middle of Hanukka too, well, you guessed it….more toys… trains, tracks, scooters (in the house?) – of course, she somehow tries the same thing about de-toying? – but they end up in my playroom downstairs….but as a mom of five whose kids are all grown….take it from me….you will miss it one day, so enjoy……of course, now I have the grandkids….and their toys!

    • Bubbe,
      You should know that I do send some toys to my mother’s (also a Bubbe 😀 ). I need to go organize her toy closet soon too, you just reminded me. She always says she loves that when the kids come they know where their toys are and they go straight to what they call the play room (it’s really her office).

  2. LOVE IT!!! This is brilliant!

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