Rules For The Kids

Last Friday I posted my Vision Board 2011.  Part of my vision was to create rules for the kids.  I would like to be more consistent with the boys as far as discipline goes.  While there are rules in our house, I can’t say I’m great at enforcing them as far consequences are concerned.

I sat them down tonight with a pad and pen with the boys and R to create rules for the kids.  Since A who is 23 mo is unable to voice an opinion about the rules at this time it was the four of us making rules.  We even talked about the consequences for not following the rules.  The boys took turns coming up with rules while R and I fine tuned them.

Once we were done I pulled out J’s markers,ruler,pencil, eraser and poster board.  I put the rules for the kids we had all come up with together on the poster board and put it up in the hallway.  I know that E can’t read, but I do really believe that the fact that they are there is a reminder to him that we created rules.

I really believe that because the boys had a hand in making these rules they feel empowered and part of the process.  I know that our home is not a democracy by any means and that at the end of the day R and I make the rules for the kids.  Who knows maybe I’ll even be accountable for enforcing the rules.

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  1. I have a chore chart w/ stickers I use here, and he earns “chore bucks” I write a lot on our board =)

    • You know I’m actually doing a whole separate board for documenting what they are doing all day. As soon as I’m done creating it I’ll post all about it. That one is going to be magnetic chalkboard etc. I love the stickers though.

  2. i need to get myself and my kids more organized!!

  3. By no means am I the perfect mom, but a suggestion – add some rewards. Children act on rewards better than the do punishments. Same as adults, especially me :)

    • I guess maybe if I made it more clear the boys get $10 a month to spend at Target (they love Target I wonder who the get that from). The last 2 months they haven’t been earning it because their bad behavior outdid their good behavior. We are also really praising them when they are really good. Last week J was so good I bought him a new book and he was thrilled. We do a lot of positive reinforcement it’s just that their bad behavior has gone awry for some reason. Thank you so much for reminding me to do it though.

  4. Love the list and love even more that you involved your kids in the decision making. I agree that helping take part in the process will probably empower them to act better. You’ll have to keep us updated on how it works for you!

    • Thank you. A teacher friend of mine told me that she does this with the kids in the class. It works for some I hope it works for me.

  5. Way to throw it down, stay strong girl!


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