The Affordable Make-up Report

Three weeks ago I compiled the suggestions of the Social Media Moms for affordable make-up.  Given my current economic status I had to pair down my expenses, and all of the frills go first.  Here are the results of all of the items I tried from the great suggestions I got.  If you want to see the affordable make-up suggestions I received make sure to read here.

My first stop was e.l.f. cosmetics.  I figured I would spend $20 and get what I could.  First off I should tell you that their nail polish remover pads are awesome and I had tried them before.  I decided to load up and buy 2 more.  I bought 2 nail polishes, waterproof eyeliner pen in plum, shimmer eye liner in gunmetal, studio single eyeshadow in amethyst, luscious lipstick in brownie points, studio conditioning lip balm in romantic rouge and 2 lip defining brushes.  Everything I bought was awesome.  It amazed me how much I could get for $20.  I have to say that the stand out e.l.f. item was the shimmer eye liner.  The color was fantastic and went on super creamy.  I also really like the luscious lipstick.  It goes on smoothly has great pigment and lasts a pretty long time.  In the end I really think that the quality does actually surpass their pricing.  I feel I did get so much for my $20, so it was well worth it.

I went back to my old staple of Aveeno’s Positively Ageless Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30.  I also started applying it to my neck and chest.  I noticed that I’m starting to show signs of aging in those spots.  Getting older is not so glamorous.  Frankly, I don’t know why I left this wonderful product.  It is the right price, soaks into my skin quickly and leaves my skin smooth.

I will admit that when it comes to mascara I’m extremely picky.  I like it to really accentuate how long my lashes are because they are very light.  I took the recommendation of Maybeline Volume Express Falsies.  Seriously this is one of the best mascaras I have ever tried.  I don’t need to go back to my old $18 mascara this one is great and does exactly what it says it does.  I have even had compliments on how nice my eyelashes look.

I was sceptical about the recommendation of Suave Professionals shampoo and conditioner.  I can safely say I was all wrong.  For less then $3 a bottle my hair feels fantastic.  Gone are the days of buying $14 a bottle when I have this option.  I used the Humectant Moisture for my dyed hair that apparently needs moisture.

Here are the highlights of my affordable make-up research.  Do not worry everyone I will continue to try things so as not to let you down.  I will be back with more to report.  Until then enjoy these great products.

Affiliate links above.  I get a portion of the sales for items purchased, which means this Fashionista gets to save for a new pair of shoes or a purse. 
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  1. I love e.l.f.! You reminded me I need to buy some new make-up. I need to get doubles of my favorites so that I can keep a little make-up bag in my purse. I am going to try that mascara, too. I am terrible with mascara. I usually skip it altogether. I have long black lashes, but they are stick straight. Also, I have allergies, so my eyes itch and I rub them a lot. I need to get over that, though, and just wear it!

  2. I’ve never tried e.l.f. but now I’m thinking I might have to. I used to love jane lipsticks and they were so cheap and now I can’t find them. They were for the teen market but I still loved them.

    I’m glad you like Suave but my new favorite shampoo is absolutely Pantene. Better than any salon shampoo. I use the kind specifically for fine hair and it is awesome. My 2 cents for the day!

  3. I remember when e.l.f. wasn’t sold in stores and was only available on their site. You could get lots of their products for $1 or so. Love them!

  4. Wow I must be a cheapie, $18 on mascara?!?!? Cool that you found something more affordable though.

    • Yeah like I said I’m a mascara snob so I should not have been spending that, but I found good stuff. You’re right though it’s nice to have a cheaper option.

  5. i just got a sample of pricey shampoo and conditioner to review…. and i went right back to my suave professionals! i love it!

    • OMG seriously! That makes me so happy to hear b/c again I washed my hair and could not believe how shiny and soft it was. Great find!

  6. Love your product choices. I also use Aveeno for my facial needs and tell everyone about them, but can I disagree with one product….. The shampoo and conditioner, please please don’t skimp here- If you can’t afford to buy professional shampoo and conditioner (your hairdresser should be able to tell you which is best for your hair) At least get a professional conditioner. It will cost the same because you only need a small amount to actually work. OK I feel a post coming to explain further.

  7. Dont tell anyone but I use E.L.F. eyelashes often…shhhhh its a secret….at least my boobs are real if my eye lashes are fake right? :)


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