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Oscars: The Night Of Color

And the Oscar goes to... Here we are the next day and we're all talking about what they wore, so I won't bore you I'll just get to the point. You will notice that of all of my likes there is only ONE black dress. Yeah you read that right. It was color's night to shine, and boy did it deliver. Reds, purples, pinks, even nude and gold showed up last night. I was so happy to see the rainbow of … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday: Trend Report from #WWDMAGIC

As my final post about WWDMAGIC I will talk about the most prevalent trends emerging. Bright colors: bright for spring is it. Fuschia, turquoise, sunny yellow are the colors to wear. I can't say enough. I saw more bright yellow then I can count. Shoes: Wedges! Everything wedges, cork, espadrille, leather, you name it. Even fall continues the wedge emersion with wedge boots. These boots from … [Read more...]

Buzz on By Thursday – 2/24

Buzz on by Thursday blog hop hosted by Fashionably Organized, The Two Savvy Sisters, Emmy's Closet and Sunny Bug Buzz on By Thursday is a great way to meet new bloggers and increase your Google followers! So join us, we promise you will have a we have some pretty sweet giveaways too! If you want to be a part of Buzz on by Thursday, just follow these few rules: Follow ALL of the … [Read more...]

life_time.mine by Dot Mine

How do you plan your time? No, I'm not asking you how do you plan it, as in where to go, but do you use a planner? Do you try to remember it in your mind? Do you write it on a dry erase board in your house? Well I recently received a life_time.mine planner from Dot Mine that I love. I have professed before my addiction to planners. I found another one to serve another purpose in my life, and … [Read more...]

WWDMAGIC – The Accessory Zone Part II

As you saw earlier on Day 2 was a whirlwind of great looks, but I couldn't leave out the accessories I saw on Day 2. We'll start with one of my all time favorite handbag designers Ellington. Their leather (if you're into leather) is some of the softest you will ever pet. Yes I said pet because I felt like that's what I did when I entered their booth. I think I spent 20 minutes in there just … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday: Bright Colors are in for Spring!

This Spring  all the designers are using lots and lots of COLOR! It's all about really bold prints and shades that work well on anyone. This is a super fun trend that I'm looking forward to (I have been stuck in all-black the last few months).  But if black is one of your favorite colors and you're not ready to fully give it up...good news, these bold colors work really well with black too! You … [Read more...]

Accessorizing a Room Is An Art

I have another new guest for my beautiful readers.  Her name is Jes and you guys are going to love her as much as I do. Most of you are aware that not only do I love fashion, but I love interior design.  I admit wholeheartedly I watch HGTV like people watch soap operas.  I have more shows from HGTV on my DVR then any other channel.  So when I met Jes (who will be redesigning my site shortly) we … [Read more...]

WWDMAGIC Thoughts on The Magic

Another day and more fashion to see. It's safe to say that I am currently having thoughts on the Magic of fashion. I've seen a lot of cinched waists like the dresses from Angel Eye. Nick & Mo's beautiful ethereal lace dress is a new spin on mixing different fabrics to make a beautiful dress. While I wouldn't be able to wear this while I'm at my current weight this dress is a good … [Read more...]


Yesterday was a whirlwind of fashion everywhere and it's actually a lot to take in, but it's also so much fun to see everything that is trending right now. So without further ado... Stopped by Trashy Diva (@trashydiva) who has such great retro dresses that can only be described as I Love Lucy-esque. Not only that but the designer's name is Candice (spelled correctly of course). To me that's a … [Read more...]

WWDMAGIC: Accessories Galore

To continue my post from earlier today I will recount the some of the great accessories I saw today. This bag is something I just! This is Desigual's (@DesigualUSA) fall line. What I saw most in their line is the mix of medium and texture together with vibrant colors. I stopped by the Harvery's Seatbelt Bag (@seatbeltbags) booth and all of the new stuff had me drooling. … [Read more...]

WWDMAGIC Morning Day 1

After a super long line at Starbucks here in the Las Vegas Convention Center I finally go into the hall to do some eye candy shopping. Being here puts any window shopping you an imagine to shame. Boho Chic is alive and well at Funky People. Desigual has LaCroix that is absolutely to die for. The message in all of their pieces was a mix of vibrant colors and beautiful pieces. It makes me … [Read more...]


I am here Las Vegas and the MAGIC is truly magic. Walking into the Las Vegas Convention center you could almost feel the excitement before the electricity begins. At 8:30 AM tomorrow the 3 day non-stop fashion begins and let me tell you I'm super excited. Here's a glimpse of the set-up. … [Read more...]

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