Accessorizing a Room Is An Art

I have another new guest for my beautiful readers.  Her name is Jes and you guys are going to love her as much as I do. Most of you are aware that not only do I love fashion, but I love interior design.  I admit wholeheartedly I watch HGTV like people watch soap operas.  I have more shows from HGTV on my DVR then any other channel.  So when I met Jes (who will be redesigning my site shortly) we immediately found out our mutual love for interior design.  Yes she even got a degree in interior design.  I begged her to write a post for us (at least monthly) on interior design advice/rules.  Don’t worry I’ll be adding my own interior design thoughts in the near future, but first we will start with experts like Jes.  You can check Jes out at A Designer’s Life  and Infusion Design Studios.

Whether we are accessorizing a room with pillows or paintings or accessorizing our outfits with jewelry and snazzy shoes – ACCESSORIZING is an ART.

Accessorizing can go TERRIBLY wrong for some, and sadly I’ve seen it done more times than I can even count.

Here are a few of My Tips on Accessorizing:
LESS IS MORE! I promise this is true when it comes to accessorizing.  If you have a small table and fill it with accessories – then you have gone to the TERRIBLE wrong side of accessorizing.  A good rule of thumb for the small table would be – If you can’t see the surface due to all your accessories then – LESS IS MORE! Take away about half of the accessories off of the table.

SET OF 3! Everything looks better in a set of 3 especially over a set of 2! 3 Pillows on your sofa instead of 2 will look better I promise.  3 Candle Sticks will look better instead of 2 – It’s a proven FACT time and time again, and it rings true even today.

MIX IT UP – Yes, you heard me right! What I mean by Mix It Up you may ask? Well what I mean is don’t be afraid to mix up your new and old pieces whether that be furniture or accessories.  Mixing it Up gives a room a more well rounded and welcoming feel.

NOT SO MATCHY MATCHY – Have you ever walked in a room and everything matched to a T? Being Matchy Matchy isn’t always a good thing! A good rule of thumb is to try not to buy all of your accessories in 1 trip! Why you may ask?! Because they come off as MATCHY MATCHY!  A room looks more complete and finished when things aren’t all from the same collection. Try it and see how more well rounded your space looks!

What tips or questions do you have about Accessorizing a Space? Drop them in the comment section, and I look forward to answering them on the next Guest Post!

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