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J’s teacher was looking for an art line to be put up across the classroom so she could clip the kids artwork on it. When she asked for a volunteer to help with putting one up I immediately told her I’d take care of it, and called my mentor/father. At the time she asked she had no clue how to facilitate an art line, so we came up with a plan.

I described to him my thoughts, and as usual he made it reality with all of the right tools and items to make it happen. At times I have an idea in my head, but cannot quite think of the tools needed to make it happen. Without fail my father can see what I see, and adjust it with the proper tools to make my visions come to life.

I thought I’d share this today because this is a great idea for a child’s bedroom, or a playroom.

Supplies needed:
ladder or step stool
stainless steel wire cable
stud finder
tape measure
clamp set – these come in various sizes, so be sure to buy the size that matches the steel wire thickness
metal screw hook – like this one (there are many different kinds)
wire cutters
monkey wrench

First step is to measure the length of the room, to be sure you buy enough cable. Add about 1′ to 2′ to whatever the number you get for overlap as you will see later, and for instances of measuring incorrectly. It never hurts to have extra.

Next measure how high you want the wire to be from the ground. When you do this you will put the hooks in the wall about 3″ from the measurement you got. You want to make sure that you have enough slack for the slight bowing of the cable in the middle when the art is clipped onto the wire.

Next use your stud finder to find the studs in the wall. You absolutely want to put the hook in a stud. Although, the art is not heavy per se, the liklihood of it pulling the hooks out is pretty big. Some of the hooks do come with anchors, I advise that you first look for a stud, and if that’s not possible then to use the anchors.

Use a drill bit that is one size smaller then the thickness of the metal screw hook, then use that to drill the hole in the desired location. Once the hole has been completed begin screwing in the hook. Use the monkey wrench to get hold of the hook and then really screw in the hook, until you no longer see the threading on the hook. Make sure it secured into the wall by pulling it hard. Tip: be aware of the composite of the wall you are drilling into. There are different drill bits for different materials. In our instance we had to drill into concrete, so we needed a special concrete drill bit.

Using the clamp thread through the wire cable and secure the wire tightly. You may have to use the wire cutters here to cut what excess there is.

Repeat this on the other side and you have an art line that can withstand some pretty heavy art work.(In the picture above you will notice that the extra cable was tied instead of cut as to allow for adjustments should there need to be any in the weeks to come.)

Because we were dealing with a classroom that was 24′ wide I was unable to get a picture of the whole line, but this allows you to see how the line looks from afar.

From beginning to end this took one hour, so for a great way to hang artwork, it was a pretty fast project.

Get yourself some laundry clips and you’re ready to hang your child’s beautiful artwork. You can even have the kids decorate the clips, to really personalize this art line.

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  1. I did something similar to drape my bedroom walls in fabric (instead of painting, etc.) only I used a set from IKEA (Dignitet, I think).

    • It’s funny b/c we considered getting that set at Ikea, but it wasn’t long enough for the length we had to go across the classroom. Sunch a great idea to do a wall of fabric! Thanks for stopping by. I know you have to have something to share for our linky 😉

  2. I ended up using 2 to cover the long walls and around the corner (btw, cup hooks, strategically placed along the length, will keep the line from sagging *too much* over time).

    Didn’t even see the linky! I’ll put my newest project page up: it’s DIY Jewelry :)

  3. Really cool! I did use the kit for last week’s project to hang curtains where my daughter’s closet doors once were.

    Can’t wait to see that filled up with art!

  4. Candice- I love this! I wanted to make one of these, but had no idea how to go about doing it. Thanks! :)

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