The Lessons I Learned at Bloggy Boot Camp – San Diego Style

I know it sounds like I’m about to tell you the lessons I learned at Bloggy Boot Camp in San Diego, however, this will not be a post about what the speakers had to say. I hate to burst your bubble I will say little about the what the speakers said because quite frankly I’m still trying to digest.


Some of the Social Media Moms (@SMMoms) who were at Bloggy Boot Camp (@BloggyBootCamp) San Diego: Theresa (@RockOnMommies), me, Tonya (@TonyaStaab), Amy (@AmyBHole), Jennifer (@piggiesandpaws) and Kadi (@DigitalKadi)

Lesson #1:

You absolutely never know who will become your new best friends. I met the ladies of SDMomfia (@SDMomfia), and instantly I was inducted as into their crew. I was included in with open arms and I get teary eyed thinking of how loved I was pretty much instantly. Theresa of Rock On Mommies (@RockOnMommies) actually let me stay at her house. Can you believe that? We never met in person, and she said sure come on over.They made me want to start LAMomfia, just so I could do things they do locally.


Me and some San Diego natives: me, Beth (@HipMamaB), Chelsea (@somedayilllearn) – cutest pregnant woman ever, Christina (@MommyLuvsCoffee), Theresa (@RockOnMommies) & Mary (@MamaMaryShow)

Lesson #2:

Always visit a Target in an area you’ve never been to. Every Target has something different. I mean ask Mommy Loves Coffee (@MommyLuvsCoffee) she’ll tell you about my new shoes. Come on you guys know I had to get a pair of shoes. It’s like people collect magnets from every trip, I collect shoes. I think it’s a much better memory.

Lesson #3:

I’m not the only one who can’t do math. No seriously I CANNOT DO MATH!!!! My husband knows that, and I don’t even help my 1st grader do his math homework because I could possibly teach him the wrong thing. Mary of Mama Mary Show (@MamaMaryShow) had no idea how old she was, and had to do quite a bit of counting before she could figure it out. Mary Happy 29th Birthday. I’m glad you figured out you’ll be 29 tomorrow (3/21). Beth of Hip Mama B (@HipMamaB) told me that we were going to be the same age 2 weeks after my birthday, until she realized we were born a year apart. It doesn’t matter Beth we can celebrate any number you want. I’ll be fair to both of them, although I have no excuse, there may have been wine involved.  P.S. Mary did convince me with her speech that I really do need to try to vlog.

Lesson #4:

Kids always always always come first. While we are all moms and do what we can to make it to every conference and get together, we all know that kids come first. That was evidenced again by Stefanie of Ooph (@ooph). Her two oldest [teenage] boys had LaCross games that afternoon that were very important, so although she really wanted to stay the whole day she left early to attend those games. I love you Stefanie for reminding us all that even though we do this for the love of being in Social Media, kids still come first. I was sad that I didn’t get to spend more time with you, but it was all for a good reason. By the way to everyone here if you wanted to text her and you have an iPhone it will auto correct Ooph to Pooh, just something you should note.

Lesson #5:

Step away from your comfort zone to meet new people. I didn’t do it enough and again I’m kicking myself for it. I will try to keep doing it though. My social anxiety definitely gets in the way.

Lesson #6:

The power of support from other woman can never ever get old. Lifting each other up, and not tearing each other down is what it’s all about. Thank you everyone for bringing the positivity to the room.

Lesson #7:

Tiffany (@TiffanyRom) and Francesca (@SITSGirls) are truly magnificent. If you think they are great, they’re even better in real life.

Final Lesson:

Seeing people you know on-line is going to be my fondest memories in life because they are ladies who are passionate about the things I’m passionate about: Social Media.

If you have a chance to get to a Bloggy Boot Camp (@BloggyBootCamp), get to one you will not be sorry!

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  1. So loved meeting you and hanging out with you. Can’t wait to spend more time together soon. You coming down for the Spa Social? (If you told me last night I don’t remember! Just like i don’t know how to pay my bill or how old I am). Love you guts!

  2. Fantastic post. Loved seeing you again. That is a very cute picture of us, if I do say so myself :).

  3. Great pics! Bloggy Boot Camp WAS amazing and thanks for linking your recap over at shallow.


  4. This just makes me all the more excited for BlogHer. I couldn’t make it to this blogging conference, but I hope to make it to that one.

    Great post!

  5. I’m sooo glad you’re coming to the Spa Social!

  6. Sounds like you had a lovely time! I may just have to adopt the tradition of bringing home a new pair of shoes when I travel. Hope you don’t mind!

    • Mary,
      I don’t mind at all, as a matter-of-fact I encourage everyone to adopt this traveling tradition. Believe me the shoes are a lot more memorable that way. LOL!

  7. Sounds like you had a good time! Glad you had fun. So funny about the math after wine. LOL It becomes extremely hard to think of anything after wine. I don’t even want to know some of the things I’ve come up/said/tried to add after a couple glasses of wine!

    Stopping by from the hop!

  8. Oh how I wish there was a BBC closer to me. Sounds like you had a great time – maybe someday our paths will cross & I can join you on a mini shoe-spree!

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