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In the last few weeks I have gotten some new items I really love and had to share. Of course they are related to shoes and bags, because let’s be honest, that is who I am.

I think sparkly shoes are so cute for little girls so imagine my surprise when I saw the Zodiac USA Blaze ($69) shoes and instantly fell in love. Little did I realize that these would become my new goes-with-everything shoes. They look great with pants for work, skirts, dresses, jeans and capri pants to name a few. They match every color in my wardrobe and did I mention they are sparkly? I’m so happy I have these, and actually worry that I’ll wear them out.

Hobo International came out with a new version of their classic Lauren Clutch, called the Lauren Sonoma ($128). I love that I can have everything essential when I switch purses. Plus if I run to the store real quick, I can grab my clutch and my phone and run in. I am super impressed with the generosity of the cell phone pocket. My phone (a T-Mobile myTouch Slide) is thicker then most phones and never fits in cell phone pockets, but it actually fits. The leather is like butta’. No seriously it is so super soft I can’t help but pet it. My friends pet it too.
Hobo International at ShopStyle


I have to share another pair of shoes that when I saw them I decided they were perfect for I have no idea, but had to have them anyway. I got the Mojo Moxy Celebrity in Fuschia, and it was love at first. I mean look at them. Do you have a reason to think I shouldn’t have bought them? Honey do not comment. I’ve been embracing color for my shoe wardrobe, and it’s been a great way to spruce up my closet of clothes I’m bored of.

You may remember my mentioning buying shoes at the Target in San Diego when I attended Bloggy Boot Camp several weeks ago. If not go here. Anyway, I bought these Dolce Vita for Target cork wedge in gold. The picture speaks for itself.

Dolce Vita at ShopStyle


I’ll leave with the Amerileather ‘Hana’ Butternut Squash purse I want to buy, but have no business buying. I blame this entirely on Ciaran (@momfluential) for my new obsession. She posted a bag by the same company, that I fell in love with, on Facebook. Because I can’t keep my mouth shut I had to ask where she got it, and the obsession began from there. However, my unemployed-husband-tight-budget means it will stay in my cart for a while. Maybe, one of you can buy it and send me pictures of it.

There you have it my loyal readers, my newest shoe & bag loves [for now].

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I received the Zodiac USA Blaze shoes while attending WWDMAGIC. Hobo International generously sent me the Lauren Sonoma. The opinions above are my own, swayed only by my inner Fashionista.

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  1. OMG that bag! that bag!!! that BAG!!!!! MUST HAVE IT.

    okay. step away from the computer…

    • you see what I mean? I mean really, why did I have to find it? If you get it, can you send it to me when it’s worn and unwanted? Like that will ever happen.

    • OMG I just realized I didn’t link to the purse. Was that subconscious way of saying no one can have it? hmmm. Just put in the link. Enjoy.

  2. I have to have those sparkly flats! And you know I love Hobo! Love that color too.

  3. Hi and thank you for “The Blog Hop”! I’m your new follower; I’d love and appreciate a follow back :)


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