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Recently on my Facebook wall a reader asked me how to organize her digital photos after printing them. I started to answer her quetion, but then I realized the answer is truly not so simple. I promised I would post about it very soon because I think there are many people who are wondering the same thing.

“TOTALLY OVERWHELMED WITH PHOTOS!!! i have, literally, thousands (10+ years, i’d say) of unprinted digital photos. do you have a simple method for organizing once i begin choosing/printing the ones i want to preserve? i am thinking the binder method would be the simplest. looking for input on archvial/affordable options. { thank you }”
-Kelly Baker

Here are some options for organizing your printed digital photos.

Pocket albums that holds standard 4″x6″ pictures, or other sizes depending on your choice of size, just make sure they have acid free pages. There are great options that are 3 ring binders you can add pages to, which is nice for you to get maximum out of one book. You can get so many different albums that are from $10-$500. The good thing about this option is that you can get albums anywhere. I buy mine from Target.

As far as books how to label your books decide how you want your books to be arranged. For example I have one for each child. My reason is because some day I’d like to give each of my children their photo albums to keep. When 1 fills up I buy another one. Another option is to do them by year.

Stepping away from an album there is also the option of photo boxes. Again, I will reiterate the importance of acid free, you must make sure the boxes are acid free. These usually come with dividers for you to separate your pictures in categories. Photo boxes typically store more pictures than an album, so if space is an issue you should consider a photo box. The only drawback is that it’s harder to share your pictures with anyone you pin down to look at the pictures of your trip/children.

If you feel creative there are 2 different ways to scrapbook. One way is to do the old school cutting paper and gluing, or you can create a scrapbook on-line. If you go with cutting and pasting yourself make sure everything from paper you stick on to, to the adhesive, be acid free. These are so much fun to do especially on-line. I did a digital 1 last year, and my kids love looking at it because it’s colorful, and they feel like it’s a book about them. It took me a long time because I wanted it to be just perfect, so give yourself time to “create.”

I tend to print a lot of my pictures at Costco on-line, but you must be a Costco member. Their prices are very reasonable for giving pictures to friends and family. I am also a Shutterfly (@shutterfly) lover, and they have the scrapbook option too, so printing and scrapbooks can be done all in 1 place. There are a lot of options out there for printing digital photos now that I no longer print them out at home.

Kelli- Thank you so much for your great question, and I hope this helped you.

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  1. I have never done a scrapbook. I am a shutterfly lover too, although there are other printing services that are cheaper than Shutterfly, especially when it comes to photobooks

    • Marina,
      As far as photobooks I’ve only done one, and I like to do scrapbooks better then just plain photobooks. I have to find the cheapest one though. As far as individual pictures I highly recommend printing on-line at Costco (if you have a membership). They have great prices. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. GREAT ideas, I don’t print pictures because I don’t have a good filing method, but this certainly gives me some ideas!

    • Jennifer,
      Thank you very much for stopping by. I do agree that I don’t print as many pictures as I would like, but having a system once they are printed gives me more incentive to actually print them. 😀

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