BlogHer ’11 5 Weeks Away

BlogHer '11 5 Weeks Away Last week we talked about finding the parties before and during BlogHer ’11. At the 5 weeks mark to BlogHer to discuss organizing yourself now to make it easier for you when you get to BlogHer.

Now that parties and the itinerary have us thinking about how to keep track of when and where to be, my suggestion is to use the calendar on your phone. Every thing you want to go to put in the calendar, even if it overlaps with other things. In the notes section put the address/location. Have the reminder pop up 15 mins before each calendared event. Go through the itinerary for BlogHer, and do the same thing. I can guarantee you that the one thing you will ALWAYS have with you at BlogHer is your phone.

Do you have tickets to print out? Make sure you actually have to print them out, some places just want to see your ID. If you don’t need to print tickets, print the tickets to .pdf*, then save it in Google Docs. This allows you to go on your phone, laptop or tablet to show someone the tickets digitally. Saves you paper, and makes it super easy to find what you need.

Speaking of Google Docs, start putting anything you may need pertaining to BlogHer ’11 into your Google Docs including the itinerary. You’ll be able to retrieve them easily. If you do need to print them you won’t have to go searching later to print them out. Remember you can do this for your travel information, and hotel confirmations. Reduce the amount of paper you are packing by making everything easy to find.

Next week at 4 weeks, I’m going to talk about what to pack as far as clothing and shoes. See you then.

*If you’re on a PC, and need a way to create .pdf’s, you can download cutepdf for free.

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  1. ooog, thanks for the free pdf link! I’ve neeede that before.

  2. oh my good night, lady! FIVE WEEKS!!!
    cripes. You have officially freaked me out.
    But love the reminder to start getting things in google docs- I so need to do this.

  3. As you probably have heard recently. I’m not sure I’m going to make it to blogher which makes me really sad. I was excited to finally meet you! Oh and thanks so much for that pdf link! Didn’t know there was a free pdf out there!

    • OMG I’m so sad to hear you aren’t going to be there. No I did not know you wouldn’t be there, I thought we’d be meeting. Well, we’ll meet soon I just know it.

  4. Oh lord. I haven’t thought about ANY of this. Knowing me I’ll try to pull it all together August 1. I did at least order my business cards.

    Good tips to keep in mind – thanks!

  5. beautiful blog :)
    I’d be happy if you check out my blog and follow if you like. xx

  6. Sound advice. I missed some things last year because I never put anything on a central calendar or doc so I could see where the conflicts were and re-prioritize.

    • Robin,
      At the time I didn’t even use Google for calendars (my calendar on my phone is linked to Google calendars). I just had this thought, that I was going to get lost somewhere w/out the addresses, so I put them in. Now I use Google so it’s even easier b/c eventbrite will send the event to be put into your calendar. It doesn’t get easier then that. You just add the address and your golden. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. You are so organized! I bow down at your feet! LOL! I am thrilled to have found this series of posts because this will be my first year at BlogHer and I am feeling seriously unprepared. Thank yuou for making me feel so much better!

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