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Last weekend I was running late to my niece’s graduation party. I didn’t have time to wash my hair as I had earlier intended. While I was at Target buying her present I came across some great products that I had to share to help with your summer hairstyles. If you’re anything like me you need to get your hair off of your neck when out and about.

Summer Hairstyles I keep hearing and reading about how great dry shampoo is. I am in love with Suave shampoos and conditioners, because they are inexpensive, smell good and leave my hair soft. I came across the Suave Dry Shampoo ($3.20), and decided it was time to try. I have to tell you I never expected it to be so awesome. Not only did it take the oil right out of my bangs, it also gave my roots volume. I can tell you NO product has ever given me volume. (I have really thick hair, and a lot of it to boot. It so rarely holds curl unless I dispense an entire bottle of super hold hair spray.)

Summer Hairstyles Goody Spin Pins ($6) are supposed to be the answer to ridding yourself of using a whole box of bobby pins to achieve a bun, and a french twist. Each package contains 2 pins with directions on how to use them. I stared at it for a full 5 minutes trying to decide if I wanted to buy 1 or 2 packages. Every single hair accessory that claims it can hold any hair has NEVER been able to hold mine. I decided on 1 package. Can you believe it worked? It takes a total of 3 minutes from beginning to end to make a bun.

I’m really not a lover of hair spray. I just never like the way it makes my hair feel. Sometimes to keep my bangs in place I just need a little spritz. I try them and hate them, and throw them away. I do like the Garnier Fructis Style Full Control ($3.50) because it really takes a tiny bit to hold. It dries super fast, which I like.

Summer Hair Must Haves I find that when I wear headbands they have a tendency to slip off of my head. I don’t know if it’s an oily thing or big head thing or a too much hair thing. I actually like to wear them when my hair is in a braid. On my quest to find a headband that will stay on, I came across the Bic Bands ($10-$13) on Etsy. They really do not fall off, just like it promises. I like that she has different sizes and patterns. I even got 2 for A, her cute curly hair looks great in them.

Summer Hair Must Haves If you haven’t checked out the Calypso line this summer at Target, it is a must see. One small part of this collection are the hair accessories. The nice thing about the accessories is that they really do exude a summer feel. I love the Wood Rose Ponytailer ($6). I know I said I don’t do ponytails, but even at the bottom of a braid it would look good.

Finding hair accessories that feel like summer, are a great way to keep your hair up and look chic.

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  1. Great fashion friday post! I’ll need to try out some dry shampoo; I feel like my hair can feel so oily so quickly in the summer. Have a good weekend!


  2. I was SHOCKED to find that the Spin Pins work so well! Definitely a summer essential! And DREY shampoo is a life saver. Great picks!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks for linking up honey! I have to try that goody pin! Kori xoxo

  4. I SO need to try dry shampoo. Keep meaning to buy some. Here’s one you didn’t include that I LOVE: the Clever Clip. Have one in my hair right now.

    Also, I’m getting curious about wearing summer hats. May try to sneak out tonight to try a few on.

    • Julie,
      I use my clever clip all of the time. However, the reason I didn’t include it is b/c it doesn’t hold my hair as intended. My hair is way too thick. It always bums me out. Trust me this dry shampoo will have you wondering why you never tried it before.

  5. I’ve always been curious about dry shampoo. I did try it once and it totally left white flakes in my hair that made it look like I had dandruff and I’ve never tried anything else since. I’m considering some hair extensions, do you think dry shampoo might be a better option to keeping my hair manageable for longer? I also have very thin wavy hair that is unmanageable on most mornings. haha.


    • Leslie I could see how the dandruff thing if it wasn’t the right one. I happen to really like the Suave one, and didn’t have that problem. I don’t have any experience with extensions but I could definitely see it elongating the time between washing. I hope I helped. Thanks for stopping by.

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