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Hiddur Mitzvah – Honoring the Treasures in Your Home

I look around my house on a regular basis and see all of the beautiful heirlooms I have acquired over the years from those who have passed, or passed it on. In Judaism using those long lived items is called hiddur mitzvah. It honors those items as treasures, and elevates them above all of the other items in your home. "Hiddur Mitzvah, is a Jewish idea that  means taking the time and making an … [Read more...]

Make-Up Brushes by Royal and Langnickel

Well made Make Up Brushes like the Silk collection by Royal and Langnickel are so important to the correct application of make up. Over the years I've purchased both well made make up brushes and inexpensive ones and the difference is quite evident. About 16 years ago my mother and I decided to splurge purchased well made  make up brushes. Several months later I purchased a few more because I saw … [Read more...]

Design Your Own Jewelry With Shains

I went to the Big Toy Event at BlogHer this year and immediately went to this table with these bracelets by Shains. They were customizeable with little buttons. Once I was done with my bracelet, I got their card immediately. I put my twitter handle on mine even though they didn't have the @ sign, and wore it all weekend. Shains   (@shainsware) are made of recycled and recyclable parts. They … [Read more...]

Modify Watches a Big Faced Watch

The tag line for Modify Watches is "Fashionable Flexible Midifiable DOPE". They hit the nail on the head with that one. It is truly the perfect description for these fantastic big faced watches. I remember my very first watch, and the big deal my dad made out of buying it for me. It was our annual trip to Disneyland, and he took me into the Main Street store where they have a special display of … [Read more...]

Ilia Lipstick and Jason Wu Polish

  You know the song Two Turntables and a Microphone? I have that song going on in my head when I decided to write about my 2 new lipsticks and nail polish set. I'm in love with the Ilia (@iliabeauty) lipsticks I recently received not just because of their phenomenal color, but also for how wonderful they feel on my lips. My lips dry out very quickly. Unfortunately, it's what makes matte … [Read more...]

Fall Jackets – Fashion Friday

I have to admit that although I live in Southern California I still love getting a new jacket for the fall. While unlike other parts of the country my fall jackets are really my winter jackets, I love to shop for a new jacket. I fell in love with so many jackets months ago, that I'm so excited I can finally dive into the styles for Fall 2011, which by the way are drool worthy. Instead of telling … [Read more...]

Shellac by CND

  I have been dying to try a Shellac manicure by CND for the longest time. Shellac is a new innovative nail polish system that wears like gel, but it does not ruin your nails. It makes your nail polish last 2 weeks, and is easy to remove. Imagine my excitement when I was at the iFabbo event at Robert Cromeans salon in San Diego for BlogHer, and found out that they had manicurists doing … [Read more...]

The August Mascara Report

It's time for a new Mascara Report, and today's will be featuring 3 new mascaras. As I try new mascaras I learn a lot about what I'm looking for, but please read this keeping in mind what you would look for in your mascara. We'll start with Phsician's Formula Organic Wear Natural Jumbo Lash ($9.95) Mascara. As a low price point "drugstore" mascara I want to say this is one of the best I've used … [Read more...]

Is It a Keyboard? Is It a Purse? – Fashion Friday

I'm always looking for the most unique accessories. So you can imagine when I saw these Cocco Drive bags made of silicone keyboards in color I fell in love. I mean who carries a keyboard as a purse? I do now. When I went to the Cocco Drive website I was wowed instantly. I had to have these bags. More importantly I couldn't think of a better place to wear these bags than BlogHer. When they arrived … [Read more...]

New Jeans at Express For The Fall

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Express for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Fall fashions are in full swing right now and jeans are no exception. This fall's jeans are  amazing as usual, but more importantly we have embarked on a new era of wide leg jeans. The women's jeans at Express are boot cut to flare jeans and even the ever so popular jean leggings, Express … [Read more...]

The FlashMob moment at #BlogHer11

I know that everyone does their recap posts after major conferences to bring their readers the up-to-date information they learned or saw while at the conference. Attending BlogHer '11 is no exception to this trend, and now that we're all home it's only fair for me to recap. However, I'm not going to do that today. I might tomorrow, but for today we're going to focus on an amazing uplifting … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Beauty Products Southern Style

As many of you know I was at BlogHer in San Diego. I have asked some really fantastic bloggers to make a guest appearance for a few days. Today I have the gorgeous equally beauty obsessed Lisa (@Daily_Pinch) who has many blogs, one of which being A Daily Pinch. Unfortunately, now that Lisa has done this post I have new products to try. My wallet doesn't thank her, but I do. Make-up and I have a … [Read more...]

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