Design Your Own Jewelry With Shains

I went to the Big Toy Event at BlogHer this year and immediately went to this table with these bracelets by Shains. They were customizeable with little buttons. Once I was done with my bracelet, I got their card immediately. I put my twitter handle on mine even though they didn’t have the @ sign, and wore it all weekend.

Design Your Own Accessories with Shains

Shains   (@shainsware) are made of recycled and recyclable parts. They sell more than just bracelets. They have journals, belts and more. I’d be a liar if I didn’t tell you that I love these things as much as my kids do. They are also great for when you go somewhere with the kids, and have the possibility of them getting lost. The fact that they are easily changeable makes it easy to change it to contact information. Does your child have allergies? How about putting that allergy on 1 of these bracelets? The possibilities are endless.

Design your own jewelry with Shains

I was so excited when I looked in the swag bag and saw there were 2 sets of bracelets. I knew right then and there J was going to flip his lid when I got home. Anything to do with an art project or craft he is instantly in love with. I was totally right. As soon as I showed it to the boys J was at the table creating his bracelet.

For the next 3 days he did nothing but pester me to get more letters. He needed more letters to fully complete his bracelet. I contacted Shains, and you wouldn’t believe the package that arrived at my doorstep. I have to admit I didn’t use good parenting judgement when I opened the package just when dinner was starting. A pushed her plate away, without taking 1 bite, and said “me do.” For the next 2 hours the boys were heads down creating. J took the journal and spent the whole time perfecting it. It’s not perfect yet.

notice the word on top says “private”, I thought that was so funny

I’m so impressed with Shains, I can’t quite put it into words. The quality is great, the prices are very reasonable, they are earth friendly and most of all the hours of entertainment is phenomenal. Did I mention that they are mostly accessories for kids? Let me tell you that the pony tail holders are so cute, and A loves wearing them. I love the headband, but unfortunately she won’t keep it in her hair. I put the word “sunshine” on the headband, because I call her Princess Sunshine.

Design Your Own Jewelry With Shains

Shains is giving one very lucky Fashionably Organized reader a fantastic prize package worth $43 that includes:
– Bracelet Starter Kit with 60 Elements (the entire alphabet and 7 cool icons) ($12.00)
– Notebook with 60 Elements (includes 50 sheets of unlined paper) ($16.00)
– Headband ($5.00)
Belt ($10.00) Design Your Own Accessories with Shains

(colors may vary)

Mandatory entry: Comment below with your favorite Shains product by going to the Shain’s site, and then coming back here.

All comments must be in by Wednesday, August 31st 6 PM PST. The winner will be picked at random. The winner will have 48 hours to respond after notified of winning before the prize is awarded to another person. This is open to US residents only. No purchase necessary.

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I received products for this review, however, there was no further compensation. The opinion above is my own swayed only by my inner Fashionista.

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  1. Lacey Scheunemann says:

    I love save the animals kit! Such a great idea/ cause!

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  6. Mikki Cross says:

    I went to Shain’s site and especially liked the Hieroglyph Theme Kit . My niece would love it.

  7. Mikki Cross says:

    I follow Sahinsware on Twitter and retweeted about this contest. @ itchyfoot1

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  11. Deb Anderson says:

    I like the pet collar! Neato!

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    following you on Twitter

  13. My favorite product is the Recycled Pet Collar with 60 Elements.
    janel dot myers at yahoo dot com

  14. I like Shainsware on facebook. (Janel Myers)
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  16. I know I’d take something for myself and add my Twitter name or maybe my fav Disney character’s name.

  17. Delete my previous comment. Guess staying up all night has me more confused than normal. My fave product is the ponytail holders.

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  20. I like the recycled bracelet.

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  25. the belt is so fun!

  26. Love the notebooks! I’d love to have one as a bedside journal.. : )

  27. Followed @shainsware on Twitter!

  28. susan baldner says:

    I love the bracelet!!!

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  30. Love that they are made with recycled materials! Right now it’s a toss up of the girly theme kit and the skater theme kit as my favs.

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  35. I love the headbands, my girls would look so cute in them!

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  40. No fair. Only pick one favorite? Ponytail holders. Okay, headbands. And notebooks.

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  42. I already like you on FB & follow you on twitter. Heading there now to RT :-)

  43. Love Shain’s Ware! I would love to win this prize pack-like you I was intro’ed to them at BlogHer and we loved making the stuff in our goodie bag! I think my fave is the notebook.

  44. I have to say I think I like the notebooks the best. Super cute product!

  45. I like the glow in the dark bracelet. Kids would think that was cool.

  46. Can I just say i want to win these FOR MYSELF?!!!!

  47. I LOOOOVE that notebook! So cool!!

  48. I like the Ponytail Holders.

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