$11! Autumn Centerpiece

One of the main reasons I love autumn is because of the vibrant colors that are associated with the season… harvest yellow, orange, and different shades of red.

I’m going to show you how to make a really lovely centerpiece to bring some festivity into your home, or to give as a gift.  You will spend a fraction of how much flower arrangements usually cost.  In fact, the cost of the centerpiece is even less than the typical pre-made bouquet you would find at a grocery store.

Below is a picture of my “supplies.” Feel free to swap out the flowers to your preference,  just stay within the fall color scheme.  I used sunflowers ($3.99 for the bunch), alstroemerias in a reddish/orangey color ($3.99 for the bunch), and dyed maple leaves ($2.99 for the bunch).  All of these flowers/leaves were purchased at my supermarket.  I almost bought mums to use instead of the astrolomerias, so that is a great option too, as are stargazer lilies.  Re-use a container, vase, or basket that you already have.  The shallower the vase or container the better because this is a low height arrangement.  You will also need scotch tape and scissors.

$11! Autumn Centerpiece

Centerpiece Supplies

Step 1: Use scotch tape to make a grid on top of the vase/container opening.  Use three strips horizontally and cross it with two or  three strips vertically. This will help to hold your flowers in place.  If you want, use a flower sponge at the bottom of the vase.  I just lined my containers with foil to make them waterproof.

$11! Autumn Centerpiece

Taped Up Containers

Step 2: Trim your flowers.  Hold up the flowers and make them about 1 1/2 inch – 2 inches taller than the container.

$11! Autumn Centerpiece

Measure the Flowers to the Vase

$11! Autumn Centerpiece

Trim All the Flowers to the Same Height

Step 3: Begin arranging the flowers by placing them within the grid.  Move everything around until the flowers are the way you want them.

$11! Autumn Centerpiece

Begin Arrainging the Flowers Within the Grid

$11! Autumn Centerpiece

Alternate Putting in the Sunflowers, Alstroemerias, and Maple Leaves

Step 4: After you have put together all of your flowers and leaves, add some other embellishments if you have them.  I picked up these great autumnal decorations from Jo-Ann Fabrics.  They add a little bit more dimension and fill up the arrangement. Tie a bright red ribbon if you have it around the container or basket.

$11! Autumn Centerpiece

Closeup of Centerpiece

Step 5: Enjoy your beautiful flower arrangement! It is a quick and cheap way to decorate your home for the season! Other plus, these types of flowers will last for at least a week without wilting. :)

$11! Autumn Centerpiece

Use Your Centerpiece to Decorate Your Table


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  1. This looks beautiful! Great job!

  2. I never thought about using tape before. The foam oasis things always make me nervous. What a beautiful centerpiece and fabulous tips!

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