Bags I Covet Right Now

Today I decided to indulge myself here and give myself (and you) a little eye candy. I’m going to share with you the bags I am loving coveting right now.

Bags I Covet Right Now I’ve been wanting a really nice cross body bag that would be great for long days out for the essentials. The Marley ($120) by La Diva fits the bill perfectly. Of course it has a red option, which is always a bonus for me

Bags I Covet Right Now Then of course I could go with the Shop Suey Boutique Ginger Cross Body Bag ($58) in blue, that has a more casual look to it.

Bags I Covet Right Now I’ve been into the Satchel bag lately, and loving the ones with pockets on the outside. The Double Handle Satchel ($60) at Express is a great size and a great winter cream (check your local store because it does come in a beautiful pumpkin orange).

The beautiful green ASOS Boxy 70s Bowler Bag ($63) has it all going on. I find no fault, and wonder how soon I can get that one on my doorstep.

Of course if money were no object I would not say no to a Botkier Trigger Satchel ($495) in Ash.

Do you have any bags your in love with? Share it here, I’m always looking to covet more bags.

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  1. oooooh, I love bags. I especially like HOBOs since I need a bigger open purse that I can shove a lot of stuff into with the twins. However, I don’t like a purse that doesn’t zip close , I don’t like when your purse is open and everyone can see everything inside. I am not showing the world my HOT MESS :)

  2. I love these! Sadly my husband has put a moratorium on bags in my house, until I am willing to part with one that I already have! No fair :-)

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