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This last weekend I was in H&M and I had these great black tights in my hand that had cut outs in a beautiful pattern. Then when I was in a different area they had a bin of patterned tights; one had big huge roses and the other was leopard print. I wound up buying those two, and am in love. This fall colored and patterned tights for women are all the rage.

I’m so obsessed with tights now that I’m actually thinking of going back to H&M to find more of them. I even love the idea of getting red tights to wear with my black wrap dress and black pumps. The possibilities are endless.

Black tights in every way you can imagine, and then some that just make you say wow.

Topshop, Betsey Johnson, Hue, Bebe, Gipsy

Colored and patterned tights galore.

Topshop, Lord & Taylor, Hue, Gap, Gipsy, American Apparel

I know many of you are saying I don’t like to wear tights, but trust me I didn’t either. The way they make an outfit makes it just plain worth it.

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  1. I love tights in the colder months. And I really, really wish we had H&M here. I love so much of their stuff I’ve seen online!

  2. I love patterned tights and put my kids in them whenever I can. But when I put them on myself I feel silly and not fashionable in the slightest. My legs are too big or long or something that they just don’t work. The only ones I like to wear are fishnets. Something so sexy about fishnets. : ) Maybe next weekend you can help me get over my patterned tights issues.

    • Alright so you want to hear how to wear them oh long legged queen? Get yourself a skirt that is longer like maybe an inch above your knee (think denim), and then wear boots. This way the tights peak out without being out there. You’ll look amazing.

  3. Mama Mary says:

    I like that idea! Just found an old pencil denim skirt in my closet that’s at my knees and just bought some new boots. I’ll try it out and tweet ya a pic. :)

  4. I love the look of patterned tights but I’m too afraid to try wearing them. I always feel like I’m too old or a few pounds too heavy to pull the look off. Would love to try some this winter with my boots, though.

    • With boots it doesn’t feel so overwhelming. You’re not too old or heavy. I’m heavier, and they looked just fine. Believe me I was really scared to try them.

  5. I love this post! Tights are my favorite and I love patterns. THanks for linking up honey! Kori xoxo

  6. Not sure if this is a look I’m going to try. We’ll see… I DO love them on my daughter, though!

    • Start out light. Get yourself a pair of black with some sort of cute cut out. I’m telling you I was anti tights until I started embracing it. It’s a great accessory.

  7. I love tights too!!

    Need some more check out, they have the BEST selection.
    Even ones with cutouts!!

  8. I adore tights, I can’t wait for it to get cool enough to break them out. As much as I love summer, wool skirts and tights say Autumn to me. Love these.:)

  9. Oooh you don’t have to sell tights to me, I love love love them. I have worn red tights with my black wrap dress myself and loved it. I love Fall for one reason….TIGHTS!!!!! Great choices!

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