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New Year’s Eve Pajama Party: Fashion Friday

Since retiring my party shoes for New Year's Eve I made my own tradition of buying a special brand new pair of pajamas for New Year's Eve. It seemed perfect at the time, and moreso now that we have kids, and seem to stay home every year now. Looking for my pajamas are the fun part of after Christmas shopping. During Christmas there are so many varieties because they are a great gift. I get to buy … [Read more...]

Retail Therapy Old Navy Style: Fashion Friday

When I have a really bad day there's nothing like retail therapy to lift my spirits. With limited budget I figure I'll check out Old Navy, knowing the holidays are upon us which means more for my money. It's been a really tough month, and an especially tough week. I'm going to go shopping tonight for gifts, and plan to stop in at Old Navy. I thought I'd look to see what I like so I can look for … [Read more...]

DIY Alpha Bet Wood Block Menorah

We have been blessed to know 3 couples this year who had their 1st child this year. I wanted to make something special for them for each baby to commemorate their 1st Hanukkah, so I made an alpha bet wood block Menorah. It was a relatively easy and inexpensive item to make, but most importantly it would be something to remember the baby's 1st Hanukkah. Supplies: 10" Floating Shelf wood … [Read more...]

Cover Girl Intense Shadow Blast

When you look at the packaging on the Cover Girl Intense Shadow Blast you see that it is not only an eye shadow, but also a eye shadow primer. I think it's brilliant and a much needed product. On numerous occassions I have half my eye makeup on when I realize that I forgot to put my eye shadow primer on. It's so agravating. When I found the Intense Shadow Blast in a box I was keeping some samples … [Read more...]

Dream Shoe Collection: Fashion Friday

Today's post is about dreaming, and dreaming big. I'm going to share with you a collection of designer shoes. If I had money that was indispensable, and had a closet so big it could be called a room, I would have all of these shoes.    Dream Shoe Collection by fashionablyorganized featuring satin shoes    What's your dream shoe? Do you have a specific brand? Type? Share your … [Read more...]

Nad’s Eyebrow Waxing – in 10 Minutes

I'm happy to report that Nad's has come out with the answer to the eternal question: how can wax my eyebrows at home? They've come out with a super easy solution in their new facial wand. It's no secret that money is very tight in my house, so giving up things like getting my eyebrows waxed has been hard, but necessary. I got the Nad's Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper (@Nads), and was sceptical at … [Read more...]

Toy Storage Solution on The Centsible Life

This time of year the influx of toys can be crazy. Looking for a great storage solution? I wrote How To Create Toy Storage today on The Centsible Life. Get over there and see how easy it is. Lowe's Creative Ideas has kindly donated $100 to my charity of choice. I have asked them to send it to Larchmont Charter School - West Hollywood, the wonderful school my sons' are attending. In order to … [Read more...]

Hanukkah Jewelry Present Guide: Kveller

Hello readers! I did Hanukkah Gift Guide: Jewish Jewelry on Kveller. Gorgeous jewelry, so check it out! … [Read more...]

Scarves and Wraps For the Winter: Fashion Friday

Sometimes you have to ditch the necklace and go for a scarf, or even a beautiful wrap. It doesn't matter which, because there are so many fantastic options  of scarves and wraps. Scarves are a great way to bring color into your outfit, and it also can replace your necklace creating a whole new look. A Scarf For You by fashionablyorganized featuring a silk shawl I know that many of you … [Read more...]

Ultimate Gift Guide Round Up

There are tons of Holiday Gift Guides out there right now, and going from blog to blog can be daunting at times. I decided that instead of giving you my gift guide, I'd round up all of MY favorite gift guides, creating the Ultimate Gift Guide Round Up. I asked many of the bloggers behind the gift guides I love: If money was no object what is the ONE thing you want for the holidays? It has to be … [Read more...]

Give The Heart of Haiti This Season #giveaway

There is no better gift then giving someone a true treasure made by artisans in Haiti. When you see the home decor and jewelry from the Heart of Haiti collection you can see the love that is put into each piece by the people who created them. One example of the beautiful items is the cow horn Set of 4 Ring Bracelets. When I received them they were delicate, but you could tell they were so strong, … [Read more...]

Jessica Paster Shoe Collection is Just Fabulous

Jessica Paster, celebrity stylist, launched her own line of shoes for Just Fabulous on November 15th. Let me tell you these shoes are truly fabulous. Jessica Paster works as an independent stylist to many celebrities. She is also a fantastic editor for photo shoots and editorials. Her eye for style is coveted all across the land (OK maybe that's a bit over the top). Jessica's has some words of … [Read more...]

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