Red Jeans 3 Ways: Fashion Friday

This season it’s all about the colored jeans. I’ve been dying to get a pair of red jeans, because they are just as versatile as blue jeans, with a little flair.

Versatility is defined 2 ways simultaneously:

    1. the ability to go with any color palette and the ability to be dressed up and
    2. dressed down.

Red jeans have the ability to do both seamlessly.

Red jeans with a light neutral color makes this an easy outfit to wear day or night depending on the jewelry.

red jeans gold and neutral


Then of course there’s the day look.

red jeans by day


Someday I’ll be able to go on a date night, and when I do I want to wear something like this outfit.

an evening in red jeans


Now I’m thinking that a turquoise pair of jeans may be my next pair of colored jeans…

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  1. I’ve never worn colored jeans, but they are so cute! Hope you have a fabulous weekend.~♥Winona

  2. I am going to get myself some RED jeans this weekend…WOW..they look so pretty! I love all the outfits.

  3. OOooh I have a pair of red jeans, thanks for the ideas!

    I am currently doing a fashion and beauty blog hop on my blog! come and join in the fun!


  4. I have a pair of purple skinny jeans & olive green skinny jeans. I don’t wear them often. I almost picked up a red pair a few months ago. I resisted thinking I wouldn’t wear them. Looking at the way you’ve paired them, I regret that choice now.

  5. I’ve been dying for red jeans too. Love the first outfit you put together!

  6. I want some red jeans so badly! Thanks for linking up honey! Kori xoxo

  7. i LOOOOOOOOOVE red jeans! I saw some at Target the other day but they didn’t have my size. Humph.

  8. CUTE! I love colored denim – one of the most wearable trends ever!!

  9. I adore my red jeans. Think I might add cobalt for spring. Would love for you to link up to our fashion swap–it’s open all week though we post on Monday we welcome those who are fashionably late

  10. Hi!!! I found you on What Kimmi Did Next’s blog hop. I’ve been on the look out for red jeans and now I’m going to look for them harder than ever. Nice outfit choices!!!
    I’m following you on networked blogs and Bloglovin’

  11. Love the red jeans!!!! Thanks for linking up honey! Kori xoxo

  12. I am dying for a pair of red jeans! Those looks are so cute!!

  13. loving these ideas! i have red skinny cords that i havent really worn much yet… this is inspiring me to go try some things out with them… thank you!!:D

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