Storage Bins That Are Pretty Too

It is always my thinking that organizing is so much easier when you use pretty storage bins. I call this bringing in the pretty.

I get asked a lot for storage solutions when things become so overwhelming. My first response is to get storage containers that will be more likely to be used long term by bringing in the pretty. When organizing is not one of your favorite things to do, makes storing things visually stimulating.

My recommendation is to buy storage bins that work with your style. You can go as far as making sure they match the decor in the room you’ll be using them in.

You can use storage bins everywhere to be quite honest, but here are my recommendations for the 4 essential places where a storage box is needed:

storage bins that are pretty too 1. Put a shallow box by the front door, or on your desk for the mail. A great one to try is the Vinea Stacking Letter Tray. I know it’s impossible to go through the mail as it comes, so your best bet is to use a small shallow box that will allow you to go through the mail at a later time.

storage bins that are pretty too 2. A temporary filing storage box. I’m partial to upright file boxes like Hanging File Box (Clear). When you know you need to follow-up on something you can file it away, and have it on a counter, or desk to be ready for reference at any time.

storage bins that are pretty too 3. A large bin by the door for shoes or backpacks when the kids come home from school can save you from tripping over a backpack strap. This is a great way to have those essential kid items out of sight, and easy to find when running out the door the next day. A larger bin like the Scout Junque Trunk (or if you want a lid on your storage box you can go with the Rump Roost which is the same dimensions as the Junque Trunk), will hold all of those items easily.

storage bins that are pretty too 4. If you have kids you are too familiar with toy bins, and the never ending fight to find the right storage bins for all of those toys. I have tried them all, and have finally found the one storage box that works the best: Ikea Samla. Yes, it’s supposedly to be used as a recycling bin, but if it makes my storage solution issues with toys easier, then I don’t care what it is. (While you’re at Ikea get some Glis boxes, they’re great for small toys and crayons.)

I could go on and on about which storage box you need for different reasons, but this post would be pages and pages long.

Remember your storage solutions should be about what would inspire you to keep things organized.

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  1. Oh, I love the idea of a pretty bin for the front door! It’s a mess there because the kids just slip off their shoes when they walk in and clutter up the walkway.

    • Tiffany, the other option I recommend is something wicker. I do advise that you also consider the ease of keeping it clean. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Wow! This pretty storage bin is perfect inside my room for my shoes to keep… Thanks for sharing this nice idea Candice…

  3. This is perfect solution to my problem. Because the kids always clutter their shoes in every corner of our house. Thanks for sharing this useful idea.

  4. I’m using the #1 bin in the office for incoming and out going files. It’s better to have an organizer in office and even at home. We can find our files easily. And to prevent from messy table, isn’t it? You’ve got a pretty site Candice!

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