Fast Drying Gel Nail Polish

The two things that make getting, or giving yourself a manicure a pain are: waiting for the nail polish to dry, and it starts chipping almost right away. However, gel nails cure this problem all on its own.

Fast Drying Gel Nail Polish About 6 months ago a few of my friends were telling me about their gel nail polish, and  about how fantastic gel nail polish is. I saw the Nutra Nail Gel Perfect UV-Free Gel-Polish box and thought it was too good t0 be true. This gel nail polish looked pretty cool, and I would love to have a manicure that dries in 5 minutes. it occurred to me that this gel nail polish addresses the 2 annoying manicure issues: fast drying and lasts longer.

I took out the directions worried about being able to do the whole process by myself. I do my own manicures with regular nail polish all of the time, but this is a whole new process. Everything altogether was really easy, and the directions were so easy to follow.

In 30 minutes I had a full manicure, dry and ready to go. The gel nail polish has 1 bonus; it makes your nails really strong, and hard. Although there are tons of nail polishes that claim to make your nails stronger: this has a protective coating that protects your nails while it’s on.

Fast Drying Gel Nail Polish

(I’ve been working, and building so much that my hands are not the prettiest, but I really wanted you to see what it looks like on a hand.  Forgive this picture.)

In the end I cannot wait to use this in another color. The gel nails that my friends have been talking about is really as good as the claims. It is a nail polish that makes giving yourself a manicure totally worth it. I’m even thinking this may be my next go-to gift for all of my girlfriend’s birthday.

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  1. I’ve been wondering about this nail polish too – so glad you wrote this review.

    Does is come off with regular nail polish remover, or is there special process for that?


  2. Thank you for he product review. I have really thin nails. They will grow really fast but start breaking off uneven. They are way too thin for acrylics…I tried them one summer big mistake. I’ll deff have to look into this. Can you get this at any drug store?

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