My Job In College

I’ve¬†joined my dear friends the #VlogMoms in doing a weekly Vlog Link-Up. Each week a member will choose a topic. Here’s this week’s edition.

Being as I’m not good at this video thing, I’m sorry to say that I somehow took the video wrong and have the black box affect. I apologize, and hope that every Thursday I’ll get better at this.

Annie of Mama Dweeb asked us to talk about our 1st, favorite, funny, terrible, memorable job in high school or college.


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  1. I was a cocktail waitress in my 20’s too!! It was a fun job but at the same time the job sucked LOL. I made good money doing it though, sometimes I miss those days… :)

  2. Okay. I. LOVE. Gator nuggets. TRUE STORY!!! No, really. We had a Bayou-type restaurant in Dallas (restaurant? can I call it that? it was like a beer shack with crazy sized, flourescent drinks (in fishbowls!) and greasy foods. Not your classiest spot. But. they had Gator Bites and they were delish. I’ll never forget taking my dad there and making him try gator.

    Anywho. LOVE your hair now. I keep forgetting you got it cut and it looks adorable. Suits you so well, Candice!!!

  3. HAA HAA HAA HAA!!! I am dying! Love!

  4. I love alligator! I was just saying how much I miss New Orleans food and I can’t wait to go back and get me some gator :)

  5. OMG! Alligator nuggets. That’s crazy.

  6. ok that was too funny!! I would have seriously died!! Like ran to the bathroom crying! But the alligator nuggets? Thanks for the heads up! LOL!!

  7. I love your story..It sound like you really had a great time with the Alligator nuggets.. LOL.. Your video really made me laugh..

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