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I decided to take a few days off and my great friends have been kind enough to fill in wherever they could. My first guest post is from the fabulous Dwan of MommaDJane. She wanted to share a little Twilight inspired fashion for Fashion Friday. I’m always happy to have other people share their fashion love, so I thank Dwan profusely for helping me out today. Now go follow her on twitter because she is kick [email protected]@MommaDJane and like her MommaDJane Facebook page.

The Twilight Saga has one of the largest fan followings out of any book series.  When the books written by Stephenie Meyers became movies produced by Summit Entertainment it gave the fans a visual into their own little fiction world.  Not only do the characters have a face to go with their name but they now have their own fashions for the fans to love.

Bella Swan starred in Twilight as the plain Jane, ordinary girl that most high school students can relate to.  Her style was simple.  Plaid shirts, Henley long sleeves and jeans.  Of course you can’t forget the Converse to complete the look.  One of the iconic pieces from her wardrobe was her Moonstone ring.  That was one fashion accessory that quickly became popular among teens and young adults alike.

Bella Swan Inspired Fashion


From the beginning Bella’s choice to wear dresses has been limited.  Her fashion rarely consists of getting dressed up or wearing anything too feminine.  That’s why when Bella wore a royal blue dress during two defining moments in the Twilight Saga it was noticed as a trend.  From wearing a royal blue dress to the prom in Twilight, to being introduced as a vampire in Breaking Dawn Part 2 wearing, yet again, a royal blue dress.

Now her Moonstone ring has been traded up for her antique wedding ring as her style has matured with age.



Since the books were first published the colors red and black have symbolized the Twilight series.  For fans attending a Twilight Saga convention, movie premiere or even traveling to Forks, Washington to see the sights listed in the books, it’s not uncommon to spot fashion trends in red and black.

Breaking Dawn Inspired Outfit


One of my favorite things about the style boards featured in this post is that each item shown above is under $50, making the fashions affordable for the common Twilight Saga fan.  Most items are interchangeable and can be worn with other outfits as well.
Are you hosting a Breaking Dawn party for the movie release or a fan’s birthday?  Check out my tips for planning and hosting a successful event.  How about planning a Twilight trip to Forks, Washington to check out where the story originated?  Read all about my experience with tips for planning a successful trip.


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  1. I want that navy blue cocktail dress! :)
    While I am not a Twilight fan, I do love the red and black pieces you picked out. They scream sexy sophistication to me :)

  2. Hadn’t remembered the blue dress. She does suit blue. Love the fashion boards, too.

    • Thanks, Jill! I had fun putting the fashion boards together. I could see myself wearing any and all of the black and red clothing.

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