Motorola Elite Sliver Hits The Runway

This year technology hit New York and Los Angeles fashion week in a whole new way. Motorola hit the runway with its new Elite Sliver bluetooth headset.

Fashion forward and a love for technology is all you need to sport the new Motorola bluetooth headset. I have a always been a lover of all of the newest technology, and always covet the latest in greatest. Of course getting a new phone always entails a new bluetooth headset. Imagine my joy when I saw the Motorola Elite Sliver had hit the runways this year. It was as if someone finally got the concept that fashion and technology can go hand-in-hand.

motorola, bluetooth When I opened my┬áMotorola Elite Sliver I was giddy when I saw that it had it’s own case. I hate that it is sometimes hard to find my headset even when I put it in a small pocket of my purse. Being able to find the case makes so much more sense for us ladies with purses. Did I mention that the case is also how the headset charges? It cuts down on having to look for all of the pieces to charge my bluetooth headset.

The headset prompted me on my first use how to pair it. The voice, as I call her, also tells me when I am connected to my phone, and best of all how many hours I have left of talk time.

The clarity when I’m on the phone is great. I can hear everyone perfectly on my Motorola Elite Sliver. I haven’t gotten any complaints from anyone when I’m talking on my bluetooth headset.

The Motorola Elite Sliver allows me to pair to my iPad too, which is great at work when I’m listening to music

Motorola Elite Sliver Hits The Runway One of the best features of my headset is how hidden it is. For instance when I wanted to take a picture for this post I couldn’t get a good picture where you would actually be able to see how it looks on my ear. After many takes I was finally able to get these pictures. Motorola Elite Sliver Hits the Runway

Given all of these things put together I am feeling like quite the technologically advanced fashionista, that I know I am. The Motorola Elite Sliver is all that and the kitchen sink. Did I mention my husband is jealous? I let him try it once, but then quickly made sure to get it back before I lost it to him forever.

I highly recommend all of you technology loving fashionistas get out there and get yourself a Motorola Elite Sliver.

As a Motorola Fashion Insider I was sent the Motorola Elite Sliver. The above opinion is my own swayed only by my inner Fashionista.

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