Plus-Size Fashion Limits: #FashionFriday

Today’s Fashion Friday post is a guest post by the amazing Lisa of  A Daily Pinch. I practically begged her to do a post for me. She’s ever delightful, and has a very valid point about sizing in fashion. Don’t worry because you’ll be seeing a lot more of Lisa on the new site BirthingHip coming soon. In the meantime go to her site and do some reading, but please don’t forget to follow @Daily_Pinch on Twitter.

Fashion and what it means to me is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. To be honest, I’ve thought about it a lot for many years. I’ve subscribed to Vogue since I was 10. Cindy, Christy, Linda and Naomi were who I wanted to look like and be. There’s just one problem.

Christy Turlington LF

I’m plus-sized.

That’s right, I’m a big gal that loves fashion. The problem is that while fashion for larger women has advanced some, it hasn’t made the move to mainstream. I’m not talking about the stores, I’m also talking about fit, cut, fabric, colors, patterns, you name it. There’s an entire laundry list.

I like to look good as much as the next person. Let me clarify: I was born and raised in the South. We are born knowing we have to go out looking our best at birth. It’s bad form to appear any other way. Because not only will our Mamas tell us to “fix ourselves up”, but so will every woman we come in contact with, including those not related to us.

Try doing that with extremely limited clothing options.

We aren’t only limited by being able to find plus-size clothing; but finding fashionable plus-size clothing is heading into oxymoron territory.

So, what’s a bigger gal to do? (If you say diet, I’m going to stick toothpicks under your fingernails.)

1. Shop Online. A great option, with the biggest drawback being you can’t try clothing on. Which is essential. I stick to brands I know the sizing in, or measure myself based on the outfits measurements. (Which also means you need to have someone that can do alterations for you. Don’t argue, alterations are a must.)

Becca Black Front Dress by Igigi

Becca Black Front Dress by Igigi

2. Haunt your favorite local shops and find out what days they receive stock. Go the next day as popular sizes sell out quickly.

3. Make friends. Higher end department stores have very little turn over in staff. Get your favorite salesperson’s card and check in with her. Better yet, tell her what you’re looking for and let her call you.

4. Personal Shoppers. Stores such as Nordstrom offer personal shopper services at no cost. Set up an appointment and work with them. If they don’t have what you’re looking for, they’ll either find it for you, or alert you when an item you like comes in.

5. Find a seamstress. Check out the pattern books in the local fabric store. You might find a set you adore. A talented seamstress can tailor pieces just for you. They’ll last longer and the fit will be perfect.

Hopefully these suggestions will help you find that perfect dress or must-have skirt this spring and summer. Are there other tips and tricks you have? We’d love to hear from you.

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