Vintage-Inspired Jewelry: “Timeless Chic”

I absolutely adore vintage finds & personal hand-me-downs.  There is something incredible about a piece of clothing, jewelry or furniture that has a story behind it – some sentimentality, some worldliness & wisdom.  It can give even the most basic or modern outfit/room that little bit of “oomph” that it needs to be fabulous.

But it’s vintage jewelry that really does it for me.  Bracelets, necklaces, rings… I am an equal opportunity accessorizer!  On the daily I wear my grandmother’s simple gold wedding band (on my right hand, of course, as I’m unmarried).  For special occasions I love to rock her amethyst ring or her costume pearl, screw back earrings.

Vintage jewels, however, are pretty expensive; & not everyone’s grandma or mom is ready to hand over any family gems they may have. The good news is that many retailers are offering vintage-inspired jewelry lines that won’t break the bank. Here are a few of my favorite pieces:
Vintage-Inspired Jewelry 1

Vintage-Inspired Jewelry 2

Vintage jewelry – whether truly vintage or simply inspired – never goes out of style and its possibilities are endless.  Pair it with jeans & a tee or your best dress; either way you’ll exude the “timeless chic” that vintage stands for.

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  1. I agree with you that vintage jewelry never goes out of style. Love the unique designs and it looks stunning. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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