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Getting Organized One Step at a Time: e-mail

For the next few weeks we're going to work on getting organized. Not your kitchen or bathroom or bills, I'm talking about you, and your needs. I'll be posting every Wednesday (I know it's Thurs, but I promise it will be Wed next week) with your assignment for the week. The assignment is a baby step. Tackling one thing at a time. Too many times getting organized is too daunting, therefore hard to … [Read more...]

#uncorked Wine Tasting – Follow To Win Prizes

Jon Boring of California Wine Club is taking me and 4 fabulous ladies on a wine tasting tour of 4 wineries this Friday, June 1st. We are going to be learning about the different wines from these vineyards, in order to report back our thoughts on the best ones for Father's Day gifts. We'll be visiting: California Wine Club Dierberg Vineyard Gainey Vineyard Fess Parker Winery & … [Read more...]

$100 Front Yard Makeover

We moved into our house 3.5 years ago, and have been redoing what we can when we can due to financial constraints. The thing is that I like doing it little by little I get to be a huge part in every detail. It feels like a piece of art. Tweaking it here and there until it's done. With $100 I was able to liven up my front yard enough to feel like I made it pretty for the summer. The first order … [Read more...]

5 Ideas To Create Amazing Closets

A closet is a cherished space. All the clothes, shoes, bags, belts, earrings and so much finds home in our closet. So are you doing full justice to your closet or is there scope for improvement? If it’s the latter, then you ought to take a look at the tips below to make your reach-in or walk-in closet better, more functional and sexier. If it’s the former, you are in for a fun read. And who knows … [Read more...]

Gold Sandal Digging

This summer gold sandals are a hit, and I've started gold digging. I have fallen in love with gold sandals and can't get enough of this metal hued sandals. On my search for the gold sandal I have found some really great options. The BC Footwear Sway is so simple, but I love the little thin straps. This sandal can be worn for every occasion, and I think I could even wear them to … [Read more...]

Cover Girl Lip Color Blast Flipstick

The very first ad I saw for Cover Girl's Lip Color Blast Flipstick I was sold, ad knew I needed to get one right away. It is a genius concept of 2 complimentary colors in one tube to  be worn individually or layered. The fact that you can layer the 2 colors in the Flipstick gives you infinite possibilities when it comes to the color of your lipstick. The excitement of a new lipstick, which  I … [Read more...]

Namaste-Inner Peace Through Fashion: #FashionFriday

Life is crazy.  No longer do we have hours to ourselves to while away, pondering the meaning of life.  So it's important to make the time to do something to reconnect ourselves with our bodies and with the present moment.  I, like many women, do this through yoga. Most of the time, however, I find myself cramming my hour of meditation and self-centering between various other obligations.  And … [Read more...]

#VlogMom My Character Flaw

Today's #VlogMom prompt is: What is your biggest character flaw? This prompt was easy to decide what to talk about because this flaw is one I have wished for a very long time I could fix. So without further ado... … [Read more...]

How To Create a Polyvore Board

You may have noticed many people including myself posting fashion boards created on Polyvore. In layman's terms Polyvore is the way we play with digital dress up dolls. Polyvore is a place to create fashion style boards, but digitally. It is a great way to play with mixing different patterns and colors without investing time in a store dressing room. How else would you know if that pair of shoes … [Read more...]

A Summer of Striped Flats-#FashionFriday

Trend Alert: Striped flats are everywhere, and really awesome. I've always loved stripes, but striped shoes are pure genius to me. I thought if I love them so much I should look for the cutest ones. You'll never believe it, but I can't decide which ones are the cutest. Here are the choices so you tell me which ones you like the best. By the way all of these shoes are under … [Read more...]

Coral Craze! This Season’s Hottest Color

There’s no question that spring & summer fashion is full of eye-popping color for clothing, accessories & beauty.  But there is one bright candy color I can’t get enough of this year: coral. When it comes to makeup one can’t go wrong with coral – it’s universally flattering for every skin tone, adding just a touch of feminine color.  Coral is this year’s pink, but more grown up than … [Read more...]

My Nails Feel Like Celebrities

I never thought I would stop to check out the celebrity endorsed products. But they are seriously everywhere. When I went to CVS a few weeks ago I saw the Kardashian Kolor sign, and I had to stop and check it out. What's even funnier is that I couldn't decide what color to buy. I loved so many of them. Some of my favorites are: Khloe Had A Little Lam-Lam   Listen To Your … [Read more...]

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