How To Create a Polyvore Board

You may have noticed many people including myself posting fashion boards created on Polyvore. In layman’s terms Polyvore is the way we play with digital dress up dolls.

Polyvore is a place to create fashion style boards, but digitally. It is a great way to play with mixing different patterns and colors without investing time in a store dressing room. How else would you know if that pair of shoes matches the dress you bought all on line? Well simple you put a board together, and see how it looks. Better yet what if you wanted to make a fantasy outfit? You can do that at the click of your mouse.

Creating your board and posting to WordPress is not too difficult once you understand how the site works. I’ve created a step-by-step tutorial to help you create a board, and post it on your WordPress site.

1. Go into your account and press the arrow next to create and scroll down and choose a set.

2. On the right hand side are all of the categories to choose from click on a category you want to begin with.

3. Of course I chose shoes, and found this pair I wanted to base my board off of. You can either drag the item you want into the board, or….click on the item, and press add to set.

4. When you add it to the set you have 3 choices as to how display the item you chose: 1) the item with no background, 2) the item with a white box background and 3) crop to costumize the background.

5. Next I went to the skirts section and wanted to look specifically at pencil skirts for these shoes. I put pencil in the search box and it reduced the skirt section to pencil skirts.

6. I wanted to reduce the pencil skirts to a particular price range. Click the arrow next to the light gray word price. Scroll down and choose your range. You can see I chose $50-$100.

7. If you want to reduce to a particular color click the arrow next to four different color box, and choose the color from the drop down choices. You can see I narrowed down the shirts to a navy color.

8. If there’s an item that needs to be moved in front of or in back of another item, then you can press the forwards or backwards buttons in order to make items overlap. Below you can see that the skirt is overlapping the shoes. I don’t like that so I press forwards and you can see in the next picture that the shoe is now in front of the skirt.

9. You can add many different items and then delete what doesn’t work. As you add items you can reduce their size and move them around as you wish. It’s a digital collage after all.

10. Once you have all of the items in there you can choose to put a frame around it, or a background by scrolling down under Categories to Embellishments. You may even want to start with a background, and build an outfit around that. It’s the perfect way to have the look give a finished impression.

11. Here’s my board with a gold frame around it. However, you’ll see in the next picture I decided to have this board be frameless.

12. Just before I’m done with a board I put my site name/url as a signature at the bottom of my boards. To add any text by click on text under Embellishments. I wanted it to be navy so I clicked the color box. Once you decide on the font you’d like add it to your set.

13. The default I Love Polyvore will come up but you edit it to say what you’d like on the upper right hand side. Type what you want in the box that says text. Once done you press update, and you will see your word(s) replace the default text. That’s when you can resize and move the text to the location you would like.

14. Once everything is satisfactory go to the right hand side and click the Publish button.

15. Title your board where it indicates title. You don’t have to put a description in, but remember for SEO purposes if you want your board found putting a description makes it so that your board might come up in a search in a search engine.


16. Once the board comes up go to the left hand column and press the Post to WordPress link. It will bring a pop-up that will have the .html code for you to post to your site.

17. You want to pick your layout from the first part, then you’ll pick the image size. You’ll have to play with sizes the first time because sometimes the board will bleed under or over your sidebar. Once all of that is done copy the .html code in the bottom box. Now you go to your WordPress site, log-in and begin a new post.

UPDATE 10/2012: Note Polyvore now allows you to post to your site as a draft. Previously the draft option was not available whereby posting to your site would automatically post not allowing you to add anything to your post before publishing. The draft option is fantastic as it populates the tags for you, and reduces the need to copy & paste html. This makes steps 18 & 19 below much more of an optional way of posting now.

18. Once in your post paste the .html code you copied from the box in Polyvore on the html side of the new post. If this sounds unfamiliar you simply click the html tab at the top of the post menu.

19. Click back to the visual side and there’s the board exactly as you created it.

Red, White & Blue With Lots 'O Gold

 Congratulations! You just created your first Polyvore board, and it is showing on your post. Hit publish on your post as you normally do, and voila a post with a new Polyvore board is on your site.

Wasn’t that easy? Do you have any questions about how to do something on Polyvore? Leave a comment below, and I’ll be happy to help you out, as best I can.

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  1. This is so nice Candice! I should try creating polyvore board too! It’s nice to be organized! Thanks for this…

  2. Great tutorial for the newly initiated. You should include a disclaimer though that’s it’s addicting. 😉

    • You know what Kelly you are so right, addictive is an understatement. However, it has replaced my over shopping so I should be thankful right?

  3. Digital dress up dolls! OMG so true! And I am with Kelly. Totally addicting! Love.

  4. Heidi19 says:

    Great post Candice! and providing us this tutorial on how to create a Polyvore Board is really a big help. Thanks for sharing this with us and keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to read more from you.

  5. Jonathan says:

    Great post.

    If you follow the “Connect your blog” link (under the size picker) then you can post directly to your blog each time, without having to do the extra steps of copying the HTML and going to WordPress at the end. Hopefully that makes it even easier to post your sets, or even other peoples sets you find elsewhere on Polyvore, to your blog.

    • You know I meant to add that in. The reason I don’t use that feature is because I like to write a post around my boards. Thank you for the reminder.

  6. I’ve been holding out on joining Polyvore because I am trying to shop LESS…but I’m thinking I might have to bite the bullet, this looks like too much fun!

    • It’s funny because this actually makes me shop less. I have so much fun putting boards together I forget I can actually buy those items. It’s like an art project to me. Thanks for stopping by, and I’m glad that my tutorial helped solidify your joining the Polyvore revolution. 😉

  7. Jonathan says:

    There is a post as draft checkbox that lets you get the post into WordPress with a single click and then edit/review it a little more before publishing. A bit more advanced but hopefully makes it a bit easier.

  8. Thank you!! Now I finally know how to post to wordpress! I am getting better with putting my sets together. It can be addicting. :)

  9. This is fantastic! Does it work for Blogger too?

  10. Where do I put it? eek! can you help?

  11. Thank you! just what i needed! Question: can you create many boards at once and save them all?

  12. I every time spent my half an hour to read this website’s articles everyday along with a cup of coffee.

  13. Thank you so much for this great tutorial! I’ve heard about Polyvore for a long time and wanted to use it for my new blog website. I am just curious if there are links on where to find the clothing online and also if there is a way narrow it down by retailer. Thanks again!!!


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