Mother’s Day: Gifts For The Fashionista Mama

Chances are, if you’re a fashion savvy lady, your personal style has been influenced by your mother – even if you hate to admit it.  As girls our mothers begin to shape our fashion personality from a young age.

Sometimes it’s because we want to wear things specifically because our mother hates it (only to look back later and say: “What was I thinking?!  Mom was right!  That outfit DID look hideous!”).  Other times it’s because we see something that reminds us of that one bracelet Mom always let you “borrow” when you were seven or a shade of lipstick that you remember thinking she looked like princess or a movie star in.

With the approach of Mother’s Day upon us the question of what to get that style maven you call your mother may have popped into your head.  Sure, flowers or chocolates or perfumes all come to mind but what if you want to get her something personal and fashionable?  How do you pick something to fit another woman’s style – specifically, the woman to whom no other woman’s opinion will ever live up to?

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for your Mother’s Day gift.  First, don’t get hung up on cost.  Mom doesn’t want your money and she certainly doesn’t want you to spend $500 on a designer handbag for her.  Keep it in your budget – Mom will appreciate your financial responsibility.  The second thing to keep in mind is to keep it classy, useful and/or keepsake-worthy.  Unless you know your mom is dying for pair of 5-inch fuchsia platform heels it’s better to go with an item that she can use or wear every day in a color that will match most of her wardrobe or at least her personality.  Even better if you can find an item your mom will love that you can personalize, such as a locket with pictures of her grandchildren or a ring featuring the birthstones of the important women in her own life.  Finally, you’re not shopping for you – you’re shopping for your mom.  Keep it within her style and age range.  Every woman loves to feel young but not every woman loves carrying a handbag that looks like it walked off the set of iCarly (or Real Housewives, for that matter).

Most importantly, make sure it’s picked with love!  Below are a few items I’ve put together that I think both my mom (whom I thank with all my heart for all those endless hours in the dressing room with me, going through outfit after outfit) and yours will find fun and stylish and will show her just how important her fashion influence has been for you!

Mother's Day Finds

Satchel bag
$95 –

Birthstone jewelry
$70 –

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