Namaste-Inner Peace Through Fashion: #FashionFriday

Life is crazy.  No longer do we have hours to ourselves to while away, pondering the meaning of life.  So it’s important to make the time to do something to reconnect ourselves with our bodies and with the present moment.  I, like many women, do this through yoga.

Most of the time, however, I find myself cramming my hour of meditation and self-centering between various other obligations.  And let’s face it – I don’t always have time to exit stage left and make a costume change to accommodate each individual appointment.  Yoga clothes, while comfortable, aren’t what I really want to be wearing while I’m jetting around town running errands or meeting clients (or girlfriends, for that matter).  Using layers and lovely handmade and eco friendly pieces I’ve used the basics of yoga clothing (i.e. leggings or yoga pants and a tank or tee) as the foundation for an outfit that is boho chic and emblematic of today’s hippie style without looking sloppy or overly sporty.

Now if I can just figure out what to do with my hair…

Look of Namaste

$98 –

American Apparel jersey knit pants
$28 –

$28 –

$31 –

$40 –

$23 –



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That’s not enough? Check out this great link-up by some great ladies that you can join in too.


That’s not enough? Check out this great link-up by some great ladies that you can join in too.

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  1. Grace Sevilly says:

    Dressing up for quick meetings indeed are a pain in the A. But having a handy set of clothes to put on top of your yoga clothes is indeed a good idea. Lots of nice things from etsy too.

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