#VlogMom My Character Flaw

Today’s #VlogMom prompt is: What is your biggest character flaw?

This prompt was easy to decide what to talk about because this flaw is one I have wished for a very long time I could fix. So without further ado…

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  1. You know what? It’s great that you are aware of it. I have definitely had times where I can hear myself and see myself being irrational or whatever and I just can’t stop. I find myself saying to my husband a lot “I know I’m being overly sensitive, irrational (insert emotion here) but I can’t stop myself.”

    • Erin, I cannot agree more you can see it but you can’t stop it. It’s a terrible character trait but what can you do, but continue to learn to stop and think.

  2. Here’s to the balancing act! With so much going on it’s hard not to let those mood swings get crazy! Totally get it.

    • Andrea, It’s funny because I also think that my hormones are changing (again), and I do think that my mood swings are much more severe. It’s just hard to reign in when you’re in the moment. If only there was a pill for that.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I am the same way lately-I have a severe lack of patience lately.

    • The thing is Kelly I’ve always been this way. I wish I could say it was lately, but it’s a lifetime. Yes, I agree my patience has worn thin lately, but it just makes my already inherent fly off the handle self harder to bear.

  4. It’s so hard to feel so passionate about something and try to reign yourself in. It’s something I have to keep in check from time to time too.

    PS- Just noticed you were in the flash mob at BlogHer. So fun!

    • Alissa,
      You’re right it’s hard to be passionate, and I’m very passionate about a lot of things, but when it manifests itself as anger all of the time, it’s hard to see yourself get out of it. Yes I did the flash mob in SD. It was so fun. If I’m able to go to NY this year, I hope there’s another one.

  5. I am so emotional too! I take things way too personally. I really wish I could get this under control too. I have been blessed with Josh as a husband. He sure rides the waves of my emotions well :)

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