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Backyard Makeover: Outdoor Seating

This year I was determined to do a backyard makeover. I was tired of never using it for entertaining  because we didn't have a very enticing place to sit, or hang out. I wanted my backyard makeover to finally be somewhere we would want to go hang out. Right now it just looks like a junkyard with wood fences. We need color and organization right away. We already have a gorgeous teak … [Read more...]

Polka-Dot-Palooza: #FashionFriday

I've always been a lover of polka dots, but this year everywhere I go polka dots are on clothing, home decorations, jewelry, purses and more. I feel like it's a polka dot palooza. I hope that polka dots won't go away any time soon, but here are some tips of ways to bring polka dot into your wardrobe: Polka Dot Palooza by fashionablyorganized featuring brown handbags If you're scared … [Read more...]

The Casual Professional: Dressing To Network At A Sporting Event

We know how to dress for a baseball game (casually); and we know how to dress for a networking event (professionally).  But how do you dress when the two come together as one? As a Bruin alumna I am proud to support my school by staying active within the alumni community.  And as an aspiring business woman and entrepreneur I see my alma mater as a great opportunity to connect with potential … [Read more...]

From Zero To Organized: Keeping Receipts

Many people have a very hard time keeping all of their receipts because they aren't sure what to do to actually keep them. At the beginning of the year we begin with resolve to save our receipts and keep them organized. However, now it's June, if you're having issues keeping the receipts together I have some tips on how to make it easier through the end of the year. I know it's been some time … [Read more...]

Wedges With Angel Wings: #FashionFriday

Have you ever been so struck by a shoe it becomes the muse of a collection? Well that happened to me. I dedicate this post to my amazing sister-in-law Ellie who sat with me looking at clothes and shoes for TWO hours. She gets me!Recently Ellie & I were squished next to each other for 2 hours -- it's a long story, so no need to get into details that are boring at best. We sat on my iPad, at … [Read more...]

Big Bracelets That Rock

Recently I've found myself in love with Big Bracelets. Especially cuffs. I love so many, but I'm pining for a gold cuff. I thought I'd put a little collection together of some fabulous ones to share... Big Bracelets That Rock by fashionablyorganized featuring antique jewelry Loving big bracelets? Did you get one recently that rocks? Let me know what you've found. … [Read more...]

From The Cubicle To Cocktails

Ahhh the first days of summer!  It's a great time of year here in Southern California with our warm, sun-lit nights - the perfect weather for heading out for cocktails or dinner alfresco after work! But who wants to be caught out and about in a stuffy, business-appropriate outfit?  Below I've put together a fun outfit - based on my office staple (get it?), the pencil skirt - to go from the office … [Read more...]

Essie Nail Polish Summer Colors

One of my favorite nail polish collections this season is Essie's Bikini is so Teeny. This summer polishes are neon, light pink and pina colada looking. Essie picked out colors that fall under all of the categories effortlessly. My first nail polish color to try from this vibrant collection is Fear or Desire. Fear or Desire is a orange nail polish color that looks more neon in the bottle then it … [Read more...]

Wear White This Summer: #FashionFriday

You don't have to wait until Memorial Day to wear your white wardrobe anymore. If you did wait then this year is a good summer to stock up on white pieces. I love to wear white because I love how easy and breezy it feels. I know so many people worry about the dirt on your whites etc., but you can't get the same look from any other color the way you do with white. If you want to do the easiest … [Read more...]

Etsy Jewelry Gone Wild!

I really, really, really, REALLY love jewelry.  In fact, I think I like shopping for jewelry more than I like shopping for clothes (Shhhhhh! Don't tell anyone!).  And when I'm in the mood to find unique jewelry that is on trend and affordable, I turn to Etsy. I choose Etsy as my go-to jewelry shopping site of choice because I love the variety of styles available.  Where else can you go to find a … [Read more...]

Tinted Lip Balm For The Summer

I have an addiction to Tinted Lip Balms. They are perfect for the summer, and my overly dry lips. Unfortunately, my lips are often chapped, and lipstick can make it worse so tinted lip balms are what I gravitate toward. I have a few favorite tinted lip balms so I thought I'd share them with you. They are in no particular order. With my perpetually chapped lips my favorite lip balm is Burt's … [Read more...]

Fashionably Organized Featured on Ovaleye

Last week I was interviewed by the ladies of OvalEye on their virtual road trip visiting women small business owners. Check out their California stop: it's me! … [Read more...]

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