Polka-Dot-Palooza: #FashionFriday

I’ve always been a lover of polka dots, but this year everywhere I go polka dots are on clothing, home decorations, jewelry, purses and more. I feel like it’s a polka dot palooza.

I hope that polka dots won’t go away any time soon, but here are some tips of ways to bring polka dot into your wardrobe:

Polka Dot Palooza

If you’re scared of polka dots a little can go a long way. A scarf or jewelry can be a small way of adding polka dots to an outfit.

Pin dot polka dots can look good on any body type, but bigger polka dots need to be used with caution. Don’t fall into the trap of looking like a big bubble machine.

Polka dots in sheer fabrics for tops is a soft way to bring a bold pattern into your outfit. Take it up a notch by making that a skirt instead of a shirt. Polka dots can be funky.

My personal faves are SHOES and PURSES!!!!! Shoes can make an otherwise boring outfit pop.

Imagine a traditional black pant suit with red polka dots pointy toe pumps. Bam your suit has changed the traditional tone to modern tone.

On the flip side you are going out with some girlfriends in a black maxi dress with a white black polka dots (the big polka dots) clutch. Poof instant chic.

As you can see adding polka dots into your wardrobe can be done in so many ways. How did you add polka dots to your wardrobe?

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  1. I have loved polka dots for years, so it is great to have them so easily accessible in stores now! So fun!

  2. Loving all the dots–especially on the shoes! Stopping by for Fashion Friday.


  3. Love the yellow dot wedges an the mint dot bracelets! So cute! I don’t tend to wear polka dots, but I would add both of those to my wardrobe in a heart beat. 😉

  4. i really, REALLY want polka dot flats. won’t those be sweet???

    Stopping by from Fashion Friday!


  5. I love polka dots. They can be so classy. But I don’t think I have any. That needs to be remedied immediately. :-)

  6. Love the flats!

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