Wedges With Angel Wings: #FashionFriday

Have you ever been so struck by a shoe it becomes the muse of a collection? Well that happened to me.

I dedicate this post to my amazing sister-in-law Ellie who sat with me looking at clothes and shoes for TWO hours. She gets me!

Recently Ellie & I were squished next to each other for 2 hours — it’s a long story, so no need to get into details that are boring at best. We sat on my iPad, at the ModCloth site doing digital window shopping for most of the 2 hour drive. Since we are shoe lovers we spent a large chunk of the 2 hours in the shoe department. It was on our digital window shopping trip we found the amazing-never-seen-anything-like-it Angelic Houston Wedge:

Angel Wing Wedge Shoes



The Angel Wings shoes inspired me to start looking fore for more wedges that have a little quirk to them. Here are some great ones. This is my compilation of some OPEN toe wedges:

making a statement open toe




This is my compilation of some CLOSED toe wedges:

making a statement closed toed



I’m not done because these pairs are so awesome they deserve honorable mention:

Christian Louboutin pumps

****Watermelon Shark****

Azzedine Alaia sandals

****Out of my League****

Casadei sandals

****The One That Makes You Say WOW!****

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  1. Those shoes are works of art! Amazing finds!

  2. Sweet E says:

    Seriously, the angel winged shoes ROCKED my world!!!! They would dress up any outfit. I am also in love with the Alaia platforms too! :)

    • I think of them almost like pieces of art. I would wear them, but only where I know they won’t get ruined. Maybe could buy some angel wings at Michael’s and put them on a pair of black wedges. 😀

  3. That is an insanely great collection of wedges. Wore a hot pink pair today.



  4. Wedges are a summer fav of mine! You always find such cute shoes! Will you be my shoe shopper??

    Stopping by from Fashion Friday!

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