Bejeweled! Gem-Colored Items to Inspire Your Wardrobe

Amethysts.  Emeralds.  Rubies.  Sapphires.  Fashionable ladies have been loving and rocking these semi-precious stones since days of the Cleopatra.  But you can add these gorgeous colors to your wardrobe even if you don’t own the jewels these rich and royally-colored pieces are inspired by.



Jewel tones are a sophisticated way to incorporate color into an outfit.  Not as bright as neons nor as girly as pastels, jewel tones are the palette of the woman who wishes to announce her presence with subtlety and grace.  In short, they are for grown ups – which explains why I never knew as a child what to do with the royal colors included in the Bold variety of Crayola Markers.  It makes sense when you remember that these colors, in the history of fashion, were representative of kings and queens because they were rich, luscious and, like the jewels that inspired them, rare.

So in our modern era where all colors are treated equal, how should jewel tones be worn?  My personal favorite is to pair them with a deep, true black (no faded tees need apply here).  The combination, to me, accentuates the richness of the jewel color.  But these colors pop with any neutral – and I include gold and silver in my definition of “neutral” – and, when done correctly, are show-stopping when combined together in color blocking.

No matter how you pair your jewel-toned pieces the effect should be rich and luxurious, bold and sophisticated.  When done right, a gem-inspired outfit will make you feel like a royal, even if your last name isn’t Middleton.

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