Dear Fashionista: What Do I Buy For My Vacation?

Dear Fashionista,
I have no style & get overwhelmed & depressed by clothes shopping. I want some new outfits to wear when the hubs & I go on vacation & it would be nice to have more then one pair of pants but freaking a I suck at shopping for myself.
Shana of Shanamama

Shana and I have become great friends in the last 2 years and she even asked Fashionista to help with decorating her living room back in February. I love helping her because she is great with the details when I ask my style questions. The best part is that I found out we’re the exact same size.

Shana’s budget is VERY tight, and she said,

“I want is a pair of pants, a pair of capris and some shirts and maybe a dress (long). I’m good without the dress but I do need more then one pair of pants and my typical plane jane t-shirts.”

One thing I told Shana is that the stores are rolling out their fall stuff right now. That means summer stuff is on sale for a STEAL! Stores I won’t shop at regularly get a visit this time of year for great stuff at my price range.

This is an abridged version of my suggestions. Of course Shana got a detailed e-mail, but you’ll get the sense of my suggestions with what I show you. Things to know: Shana doesn’t wear shorts (I don’t either), her favorite color is black, which you’ll notice I allow very little of.

I started at This season, I was able to get a lot of my summer clothing there. They have had a great selection of clothes that actually fit.

Items Found At Target

  1. These cropped pants are awesome. You will be fine with the color trust me, and who can beat $15.
  2. I have these skinny jeans and they are awesome.
  3. I love their Fit 4 because it gives more roomthese chino-like pants are nice.
  4. I do not wear shorts either. I have this high-low skirt and love it.
  5. Another comfy skirt I own and love. Um $15 had me at hello
  6. Cowl necks look good on everyone, and does a little bit more dressy if you need it to.
  7. drapy shirt because they look great on us. This is another top that can go jeans or dressier.
  8. pink one, but the gray one would go with a lot more.
  9. having this dress in black, can make it useable for just about anything under the sun.
  10. One last thing, if you can take a little bit out of the budget to buy some cute flat sandals there are these braided ones that would look great w/pretty much anything. (not shown)

Next over I went to another one of my favorite budget friendly, but chic stores and that’s ASOS, I went straight to the sale section because I knew that section would have more of the summer stuff, and let’s be honest saleoils my favorite 4-letter word.

Items Found At ASOS

  1. I know you said long on the dress, but this is below the knee, and has straps that tie on the top.
  2. midi length dress is another length you should try. It hits right below the knee.
  3. The thing about these slim cropped pants is that they really are the most versatile.
    • I know I keep talking about  versatility, but on a limited budget I believe that if it can be dressed, up and worn w/a t-shirt as well, then you it’s a great addition to your closet on a tight budget.
  4. I know when you see this crochet tunic you’ll be like WTH. However, think of all of the different color tank tops you can wear under it.

Next we traverse over to Old Navy Clearance section ONLY!

Items Found at Old Navy

  1. This lace tank is so cute. I love every color, but note the white one is $5. I do like the orange one a lot though.
  2. How can you not love the tropical feeling of this tank top? It looks comfortable and flattering.
  3. Um denim dark wash capris $15. Enough said.
  4. I really like this pleated dress in the peachy color. You can’t beat chiffon dress for $18.

Another one of my secret hidden budget friendly gems is JCPenney.

Items Found At JCPenney

  1. This flowy sleeve blouse is a perfect example of affordable at $10.
  2. This tank with the beading in orange is so awesome. I love that you can wear it with anything under the sun.
  3. This is one of those shirts that looks so comfortable, and it’s ruffled so its not like an everyday t-shirt.
  4. Another Kimono style dress, but this one has a great pattern. I love the color too.

There you have a budget friendly collection of items to buy to get your vacation wardrobe. I think Shana’s going to be very happy with the items I found.

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  1. Candice I love you! You are amazing and your suggestions are nothing short of fabulous. I just ordered three things from ASOS. OMG that store is amazing. Next stop Old Navy and JC Penney.

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