#VlogMom: Spending $2,000 on ME!

It’s been a realllllly long time since I’ve done a #VlogMom prompt, and I apologize. This week’s prompt is by the fabulous Jessica of Found The Marbles. She asked what I we would buy with $2,000 on just me?

I was able to decide in less than 10 minutes what I would do with the money. Can you guess? Well, check it out.

What would you spend $2,000 on?

Here are some more #VlogMom answers to this great question:

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  1. Maybe I’m the only person who doesn’t shop at Nordstrom and maybe I should!

  2. A Nordtsrom’s gal, eh? I’d have to shop at The Rack instead 😉

    • I’d do the rack too, I’d get more for my money, but then again I’ve never had the luxury of going to Nordstrom, and buy. I think I’d want to have an entire experience just for me. 😀

  3. We definitely speak the same language because I’m a Nordstrom girl too. Pssst. Their fall sale starts this week!

  4. If I had $2,000 just for me I know I would not spend it right away…I just found $40 in an old purse and still can’t decide what to buy…don’t tell my husband.
    $2,000 is a lot more, so I have to think big…I actually would put it into my backyard. I would love a nice corner flower garden built up with EP Henry bricks, irrigation system, small water feature and a two seater swing chair. It would be a place to go and sit in the morning before everyone woke up…….mmmm, I can smell my cup of coffee now.

  5. Love that you decided to narrow it down to a single store. Who can say no to a few new pairs of shoes?!

  6. You’re not the only one thinking Nordstrom. I’m going to have to head there with the personal shopper I planned to use my $2,000 on!

  7. I think limiting to one store is a good idea – does Amazon count? LOL

  8. Nordstrom is a great idea – you can get anything you want – work, dressy, fun, accessories or a total makeover in one place!


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