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Dear Fashionista
What style of LBD would you recommend for a SAHM who has to cart around 3 kids to therapies, playdates, and activities, not to mention teaching 5 days a week…and on a body that is a little less fit than it used to be (specifically the upper arms, waist, and hips)?

After my post on Monday 1 Black Dress 5 Different Looks, my friend Tina left the above message on my Facebook Page. Tina is one of the most wonderful and kind people I’ve ever met, and her kindness to everyone she knows is unending. She would give anyone a hand even if she doesn’t know them. I am truly blessed to know her. When I saw her question, I knew right away what types of dresses to suggest for her. Sometimes knowing a person’s personality is a great way to know their style too.

Tina here are 2 different Little Black Dresses I’ve found for you. I thought I’d find 1 for day, and 1 dressed up. In the end anything a-line will be the best bet for comfort, and ease. It doesn’t hurt that it creates a stunning silhouette.

First I’ll start with a really cute sleeveless dress that you can wear everyday running the kids around. Add a pair of flats, and simple accessories, and you’re ready to run the kids all over town.

Little Black Dress By Day

This lace dress with 3/4 length sleeve evokes a vintage femininity. I added gold everything to show how this dress has now become a dress you can wear to a cocktail party. The gold shoes and accessories creates a sophistication that will make you feel really good about how you look.

Little Black Dress by Night

Tina, I hope that these examples show you how you can wear a little black dress that is flattering to your figure, and your needs.

Have a favorite little black dress? Share it with us in the comments. I’d love to see your favorite.
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  1. I seriously want that black dress by day. Where can I get it?

  2. Yes to the LBD by day. Lovely and flattering!

  3. I LOVE the new site design!!!

    • Katja,
      I’m so frustrated with the damn thing. I finally contacted my tech guy, and basically begged for him to do it by Sat night(yes tomorrow). I’ll be so happy when it’s done, b/c I really like the theme. Thank you for the love!

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