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Kanex Sydnee – Charges Everything In One Place

If you're like me you own a multiple array of technology products. You probably charge them all over the house, and have to run around gathering them all to bring them with you. So if you have an iPad, Tablet, Kindle, Nook, iPod or Smart Phone Kanex Sydnee ($149) has a one stop charging station that can charge up to 4 electronic devices in one place. Check out how it works. 1 Cord, 4 Ports, … [Read more...]

#MakeupMonday My MAKE UP FOR EVER Consultation

About a month ago, I was lucky enough to be set up at the MAKE UP FOR EVER LA Boutique. Unfortunately, that particular day we were in the midst of a heat while simultaneously having a broken air conditioner. I was not going to blow dry my hair. It is with that caveat that I say please do not judge these pictures by my hair. :) I arrived at what can only be described is where makeup goes to die. … [Read more...]

Ankle Strap Flats Under $50 – #FashionFriday

An ankle strap flat can be a great way to show a more feminine side to any outfit. There is an inherent sweetness to an ankle flat that is reminiscent of a ballet slipper.   Ankle Strap Flats Under $50 by fashionablyorganized featuring ankle strap flats When I looked at all of the latest fashions this year the summer sandals had ankle straps, which I thought were very cute. Now … [Read more...]

Burgundy Boots

It's boot time of year, and I am loving burgundy boots. I've been trying to find the "perfect" boot in burgundy, and didn't know which way to go. So I put a collage together of my favorite ones, and now I cannot decide which ones to get. I'm finding that the deep red boots look great in every style, but I seemed to gravitate to styles that are calf to knee high. Although I found them in many … [Read more...]

#MakeupMonday Maybelline Color Show Nails Inexpensive & Awesome

Are you looking for awesome saturated nail polish colors for a great price? Then you must head to any drugstore or discount store like Target (currently selling for $2.99) and get a bottle of Maybelline's Color Show Nail Color (MSRP $3.99). The myriad of colors touch on every color that is in this year. They leave no stone unturned. If you're looking for that one color you can't find elsewhere … [Read more...]

The Gold Collection – #FashionFriday

I don't why, but this year I've really gotten into the gold pieces that I now have deemed The Gold Collection. You may remember my gold inspiration on Etsy a few weeks ago. I've been finding that I really enjoy gold pieces to add to my wardrobe. More and more I'm seeing pictures of celebrity after celebrity wearing everyday clothing, but in gold. I can't help but long for a pair of gold jeans. I … [Read more...]

5 Blazers Under $50

This fall I had it in my head that I'd get a blazer to add to my wardrobe. Given my budgetary restraints, under $50 was what I needed. Low and behold it seems there are a lot more blazers I like under $50 than I thought I would. Here are 5 that I though were well worth sharing, and even considering buying for myself. 5 Blazers Under $50 by fashionablyorganized … [Read more...]

Navy Blue-spirational Styles

Fall is definitely here with it's powerful jewel tones and rich saturation of each color. However, navy blue has become the new black. Navy can go anywhere, and go with anything in your wardrobe. Navy blue can be integrated into your wardrobe at any price point, which is why everything I found below is under $50. Looking for a top that will go with any color bottom? Well give navy blue a shot. … [Read more...]

A Millennium Falcon Bag That Organizes Too

I've been a lover of the Neat-Oh Zip Bins for years. We've had many different ones over the years, and my boys have always loved the ability to carry their stuff and unzip for a fun play mat. Not only do they make bins that unzip into play mats they have bags too. One of our favorites when the boys were little they loved their Hot Wheels Wheelie Backpack. I remember them unzipping it and making … [Read more...]

Cap Toe Shoes – #FashionFriday

My intent when writing this post was to find an insane collection of shoes that have a cap toes. Whether they were stilettos with an extremely pointed gold toe, or a flat with a great rounded toe I want to highlight this beautiful shoe trend... Then I got sidetracked by a pair of shoes that blew mind in my search. I fell in love with their beauty that I lost track of cap toe shoes altogether. I … [Read more...]

Organized Scarf Hanging For Under $10

In my new entryway I had 3 hooks with a lot of scarves. It looked like a disarray, and yet there's no way for me to get around it because there is no room in my dresser. Then I went to Ikea and stumbled across the Komplement¬†($7.99) a multi-use hangar that pretty much solved all of my scarf problems. The rings can hold multiple scarves and belts and then you put it in you closet like any … [Read more...]

Best Multi-Purpose Labels at The Container Store

My efforts to find the ultimate in organization has me at the best labels ever. Seriously! The Erasable Multi-Purpose Labels at The Container Store truly complete me. When I first got them I though they were really cool, but didn't try them. However, in the last 2 weeks I have been really trying to organize myself and my own paperwork for my business. Using my new favorite gorgeous Sweet Pea … [Read more...]

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