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I know that I’m obsessive about my purses, and I do believe they are all works of art, but sometimes the purses are really works of art. In their structure or coloring the purses stand out in a crowd. Sometimes a purse strikes as beautiful in a way that can only be described as artwork. These purses may be wonderful at holding what they’re meant to hold, but none of them can be seen as anything less than art in their structure or coloring or pattern or even the material with which it was made in. Whatever it is there is no denying that these bags stand out from the crowd.


The Art of a Purse

If the bag has a distinctive look to it that makes it stands out from the crowd

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  1. Fun post! I completely agree that purses are (or can be) works of art! I own several bags in all shapes and sizes. Colors and designs draw my attention, but I cannot pass up a unique style either!

  2. Love the different colors and structures of some of those bags. Would bring such a pop to an outfit.

  3. I have an issue with two things: shoes and bags. I LOVE buying them. So many cute ones you featured!

    • When you started with I have an issue my first thought was how could purses offend someone? Then you said shoes and bags, and I realize that it seems we have have the same problem, so we’ll just have to start a support group, that simply enables the members to continue on with their shoe and bag problem.

  4. Thanks for linking up honey! Have a great weekend! Kori xoxo

  5. Loving all these bags! I can never have enough in my closet:)

  6. I never bothered much with purses. If they were large enough to fit the things I carry and looked decent, they were fine. Now I like to collect them.

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