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I don’t why, but this year I’ve really gotten into the gold pieces that I now have deemed The Gold Collection. You may remember my gold inspiration on Etsy a few weeks ago. I’ve been finding that I really enjoy gold pieces to add to my wardrobe. More and more I’m seeing pictures of celebrity after celebrity wearing everyday clothing, but in gold. I can’t help but long for a pair of gold jeans. I found so many pieces under $100 for my gold collection I’ve put them together right here.

My definition of gold though includes patterns with gold in them like a beautiful jacquered. Knits with gold threading are really beautiful, and black with gold flecks cannot help but exude a sexiness. Go for a more modern feel with a large sequin top – just ask my 3.5 year old daughter.

We’ll start with the pants, because that is something I want the most. I am thinking a gold pair of jeans works for me.

The Gold Collection - Pants


Gold skirts can be more than sequins and go with so much more. A knit black skirt with gold threading is a great way to add gold to an everyday office look. Even if you’re out with your girlfriends for a lunch you can add a black t-shirt with a gold skirt and be the cute outfit you want to be seen in.

The Gold Collection - Skirts


The most common way of adding a gold piece to your wardrobe these days is with a top. Whether its shiny and ostentatious in a good way, or just a sweater with gold threading, it really does change any outfit. If it seems daunting and a bit too hard to swallow get yourself a gold cami throw it under a black cardigan and jeans, it will help you dip your toe into the gold pool of chic.

The Gold Collection - Tops


Of course there’s always the traditional approach to gold: shoes. For as long as I can remember women added a gold shoe to any outfit to take it up a notch. So whether you go with a pair of gold flats or wedges or heels it’s a subtle effortless way to add gold to your outfit. It’s always a bonus that it can go with any color in your wardrobe.

The Gold Collection - Shoes


In the end no gold collection could be complete without some gold bags. Hey why not add one to the collection it will never go out of style.

The Gold Collection - Bags


Have you added gold to your wardrobe yet? Will you be adding gold to your wardrobe? How did you or are you going to make it happen.

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  1. I was JUST getting to the point where I thought I had all the bags I need when you go and show me that gold and lace bag. Good thing it’s payday!

  2. I’ve added a lot of gold this year. Which is something I never thought would happen. It started with some gold glitter ballet flats, which I wear almost daily. My most recent item was a light sweater with gold threaded stripes. It’s such a pretty trend.

  3. Love all these gold picks. I see metallic colors everywhere and love this trend.

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