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Excited About My Week With The ILX

I grew up in a house of car lovers. That's an understatement to be honest. My older brother always had car posters on his walls, and we had every car magazine show up at our house regularly, so it rubbed off on me, and I love cars too. I love sitting in a new car. I love test driving new cars. I really find myself to be a little bit of a new car snob. So, imagine when I was asked to spend a week … [Read more...]

1 Sequin Skirt 3 Ways: #FashionFriday

I love the idea of building a few outfits around 1 sequin skirt. The skirt can be worn so many different ways you could make it a holiday staple item. Add a cami and an oversize cardigan. Fun With A Sequin Skirt by fashionablyorganized featuring oversized clutch handbags   Then there is a fun romantic way with a chiffon sleeveless embellished top brings a lady-like … [Read more...]

Cocktail Dresses Fashion Styles For You

When the invitation reads ‘Cocktail Dresses’ more than often you will keep thinking what to wear, the little black dress or the shiny disco ball dress. Which one of them would be the perfect ‘Cocktail Attire’? There is n need to worry when you have hands on information ready. You can check out these Cocktail Dresses fashion styles, just for you. A cocktail dress is a short formal dress … [Read more...]

It’s Time to Sparkle: #FashionFriday

We are now in full fledged 100% Holiday Time. This only means that sparkle is here to stay until the end of the year. I have to admit that's one of my favorite parts about this time of year. You can wear sparkle, say sparkle and see sparkle all around you. I love this time of year because the sparkle is in everything and everywhere you go, and you can't help but feel you want to be part of it … [Read more...]

#MakeupMonday: AVON Makeup Madness

In my years and years of obsessive beauty product collecting I have often ordered AVON products from people I knew who were AVON reps. Recently, I was re-introduced to AVON's fabulous beauty products and now I'm back shopping for their products, but this time AVON's on-line store, no rep required. I would go through a rep if I happened to know one right now. mark I-Mark Wet/Dry eye shadow is 22 … [Read more...]

Beige Bucket Tote – #FashionFriday

It happened very slyly this time. You know the obsession with a bag that makes you look everywhere to find just the "right one"? I've fallen hard for the beige bucket tote. The one I like is more on the longer side than wider and would be more like a bucket. What's terrible is that in my mind I know that everything I own would be stuck at the bottom of this bottomless pit of a bag, but I can't … [Read more...]

Fantasy Shoe Collection

Sometimes you have to just go all out and spend all of your virtual money, and so today I decided to max out my virtual credit card on a killer fantasy shoe collection. I am of the belief that if you build it they will come, so what's to say the "they" aren't a collection of shoes. I really hope the building of this collection will make it come to my closet. Fantasy Shoe Collection by … [Read more...]

#MakeupMonday Goody QuickStyle Half-Round Styler Brush

Until I met the Goody Quickstyle Half-Round Styler Brush (MSRP $11.99) I hated and despised products that say they make my hair styling go faster. This hair brush actually does make my styling faster, but drying my hair faster. I am skeptical of products that claim to be able to make my ability to dry my hair faster. I have a lot of thick hair, and no hair cut or hair dryer or towel has made my … [Read more...]

No Nonsense Tights and Leggings – #FashionFriday

In the last few years I grown a love affair of tights and leggings, because in the winter months they complete any outfit in chic, but warm way too.  No nonsense tights and leggings has taken the ease of adding leggings and tights to the next level, by bringing in the ultimate in comfort to this easy addition to your wardrobe. No nonsense is a well known brand in the tights and leggings world, has … [Read more...]

Accessorizing Your Home With Orange

Using a color palette from the site Design Seeds, helps make it easy to find complimentary colors based on the colors put together in each palette. The color palettes are meant to show you complimentary colors, and how to match what you love with other colors perfectly. A person who cannot commit to color could use them simply to accessorize a room with various pieces of home decor. It will … [Read more...]

Pink Papaya Botanical Skincare

I'm not an easy sell when it comes to skincare, and when I tried the Pink Papaya skincare I fell in love upon opening the package. I tried the Normal to Dry Facetini, and it really was a cocktail for my face. In retrospect I probably should have gone more with the combination skin, but considering my oily acne prone skin the Normal to Dry was amazing. This botanical ingredients are wonderful … [Read more...]

#MakeupMonday – essence cosmetics

I recently discovered a great makeup line called essence. This is a great affordable on trend brand that takes innovation seriously. For their fall/winter 2012 collection they added some really amazing inventive items, and of course many of those great items came in new colors perfect for your fall wardrobe. 1. Volumizing Lash Powder ($3.49) - This lash powder consists of synthetic … [Read more...]

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