Beige Bucket Tote – #FashionFriday

It happened very slyly this time. You know the obsession with a bag that makes you look everywhere to find just the “right one”? I’ve fallen hard for the beige bucket tote.

The one I like is more on the longer side than wider and would be more like a bucket. What’s terrible is that in my mind I know that everything I own would be stuck at the bottom of this bottomless pit of a bag, but I can’t stop looking at beige bucket tote. I blame it on the Burberry Prorsum tote I saw in a magazine, and incidentally cannot find ANYWHERE on-line. It’s my unicorn!

Don’t think I could afford the Burberry version. I mean the cost of that bag is more than my mortgage. So since I can’t live in the bag I started to look for bags in and out of my price range. It comes down to the fact that until I find the perfect affordable replication of the Burberry bag I will be hunting for a bit, but these are pretty good choices so far. What do you think?

Beige Bucket Tote

So the ultimate question here: What is on your bag lusting list?

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  1. I do love my buckets. I have so much [email protected]# to carry–portable office and all. Oh an here’s what I’m fixating on…burgundy

    Here were my Turkey-Day looks


  2. I am looking for bright bags, since I tend to wear a lot of black and white. But now that I’m rocking a bright purple DKNY coat, maybe the beige bucket tote would be a better idea! I love the sleek one at the top.

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